A Cute Little Boy

There are a lot of little boys at my house– 6 to be exact.  And I love them all and I love each one.  This one is one of my twins.  He is almost 5 1/2 yrs. old.  He is a happy boy.  He was always super cuddly and loved to be held when he was a baby.  He still likes hugs and to ride in the stroller when he can get away with it.  He is very helpful, often if I can’t find something like a diaper or wipes or someone’s sock, he will find it for me.  He loves to help.  He likes to run in front of our group, he likes to discover new things.  He cries when he gets hurt or confused or scared.  He is easy to comfort, and then he goes on his merry way.  He is and has been a joy to watch grow and develop.  I love this smile and happy face, I can’t help but smile myself.