Long lines, ipads and library fines

I am glad for an ipad to make the time pass quick at the DMV.  I hardly noticed how long the line was and I got to read a book and check facebook and browse in peace and quiet without the kids although it was a long time to stand- about an hour.  It was great.  Also I made it to the library to pay for a book we can’t find anywhere, and the librarians were really nice and pleasant.  I was expecting a lecture or a talking to– but no they were really nice.  I suppose I am one of the most generous sponsors of libraries with all my fines. haha.



More and more snow

All I have to write about is snow.  We play in it, we admire it and we find things to do inside.  There was so much snow, my son lost his boot in it and dug a trench with a shovel looking for it.  I’m not sure if he found it or not.

apgboyinsnow apglostboot

We made it to the library.  It is lighter longer so I got to take some pictures, which I just love doing.  You can see how much snow we have from the almost buried stop sign.  The roads are getting narrower and the mounds are getting taller, and it’s looking like we’ll get another foot this weekend.  It is crazy weather!!

apgcutehouse apglibrary  apgcutehouse1apgstopsighn

I was excited to get some pictures that showed the snowflakes coming down.  I am getting better at snow pictures.  It is a little tricky!!

apgsnow apgsnowing