Flowers and Blossoms

We traveled a little South and spring was in full swing, I know it will be in full swing in New Hampshire soon, but I loved the flowers, the grass, and the flowering trees a little early.  It was a glorious spring day down there.  Lovely, lovely indeed.  I absolutely love flowers and plants, I have missed them this winter.  This day was truly glorious and I enjoyed every little plant!!

flowers3 flowers4 flowers5 flowers6 flowers7 flowers1


Spring is Coming!

Even though it snowed today and there is still about 2 ft. of snow on the ground, it is much warmer than it has been.  We may get a couple more really cold days, but for the most part I think we are past the coldest of the winter.  Yay!!  I also started buying flowers when I go grocery shopping, maybe I got a bit carried away, but it made me happy!  Miniature daffodils, a hyacinth, shamrocks, and a blue violet.  I also bought some potted tulips but they haven’t bloomed yet, it is so fun to watch them grow and bloom!

spring1 spring2 spring3

We all spent some time outside this afternoon too. I think it may have been around 40 degrees and you can see that we still have plenty of snow, but it felt nice.  We missed shoveling the very first storm of the season and the result was an iced driveway.  Fortunately we had snow tires so I only got stuck once and that was because the car was gone and I drove to where the car usually is with even more ice to back out and I wasn’t going anywhere.  I had to have my son’s scout leader bring him home instead of me picking him up, and then he pushed the van off the ice for me.  That was fortunate.

Today my husband and my boys used the shovel to break up the ice on the driveway so that it will melt faster.  There were some mighty big pieces.

spring4 spring5

A Fun Blizzard and lots of Snow Stuff

So we survived a blizzard, we got almost 2 ft. of snow in one night.  The power never even flickered, so it was awesome.  Everything was canceled and we stayed home nice and cozy.  That is how a blizzard should be! The snow was too light and fluffy to build anything though, but the kids still managed to play in it. Here’s some pics:


Our cars got buried, but I love our cars, they are both really good in the snow, we can get where we need to go without much hassle when the blizzards are over of course!  And my husband is the one who cleared the driveway, so glad I didn’t have to do it…


These are my boys who think it is fun to run barefoot in the snow!  They don’t last very long! And a pic of an almost completely buried chair.


I get to drive home on this road most days, it is so pretty especially right after a snowstorm, the snow doesn’t last long on the branches because the wind blows so much.


This was the sunset the other day from my front door, so beautiful!!sunsettreesmd

This is spring on my kitchen table, the only flowers around and the reminder that spring will come, also, the days are getting longer.


And another beautiful sunset this week.  I am really having fun taking photos, it is my creative outlet for sure!!  I have a ton to be thankful for this week, too much to list, this is just a sampling!!  Hugs!