It is pretty much summer around here.  It is green everywhere and although the water is pretty cold at the lake, the sun is warm and I even get hot making sure nobody drowns.  It’s really nice when friends join us there.  It is just beautiful and lovely and green and warm and amazing outside.  I love this weather, it may even be worth the long and dreary winter!  The first pic is of the village green in the morning– it gets light at like 5:45 am, so it looks like it’s early afternoon, but it was only 7:30 a.m.  The second pic is a few of my boys trying to catch fish with a net.

lake_2 lake

These pictures were taken in  Cambridge, Massachusetts this past week.  It is a lovely town.  I love Boston, I love New England!!  These pillars are at MIT.  We ate at an amazing vegan diner called Veggie Galaxy just a couple blocks from here.  Wow!!



Lake Swimming

It has been so warm and we had such a great summer last year hanging out at the lake, that my kids really wanted to go and see if it was thawed.  I told them I was pretty sure it was, but that it would likely be very cold.  We figured out a time to go, they wore their swimsuits, although only one of them brought a towel.  The rowing team was there, but it looked like they were leaving, so over to the beachfront we went.  All but my oldest had come for this, and all 7 of them got very wet and the good swimmers swam and loved it!!  Once one of them got out and started shivering without a towel, I figured it was time to get, go home and take baths.  I’m sure we’ll be returning often!!

swim_1 swim_2  swim

This is a branch from a tree in my backyard getting ready to bloom.  There are lots of dandelions and forsythia, I saw my first tulips in town starting to open up. I am soaking up all the warmth and all the time I can be outside without a sweater and no boots.  It’s awesome!! Yay for spring!!


Cold- freezing

It is freezing outside– -6 degrees this morning (yes, negative 6 degrees)  The thing I’m thankful for is that school got postponed so I don’t have to pick up my daughter from her early seminary class– yay!!  It is nice and cozy and warm inside.  There is plenty of skiing and sledding, I’m so glad we have snow.  I went sledding with the twins yesterday a couple of times. And the guy with the dune buggy we saw will probably be able to drive on the frozen lake this week– he checked when we were there last week just sliding on the ice and decided it wasn’t frozen enough– we’ll have to go back and check it out!  This is about the coldest weather I have ever experienced!


Kids on the frozen lake– actually pretty cool!

swimming in the rain


You can’t see it real well, but the rain was literally pouring down out of the sky.  It wasn’t raining at all when we got there for swim team in the morning, and it was fine through our first swim lesson, but as soon as the lesson ended, the skies opened and the rain poured down.  They said that as long as there was no lightning, they would continue on as planned, only me and 3 other moms were still there, I took this pic from iPad while standing under a tree with the 2 yob.  The rest of my kids were enjoying the water.  I found an umbrella so it wasn’t too bad, and really when else do you get to swim in the pouring rain?  The water felt warm and nice, it was just that there was no dry towel or dry anything, but hey, we just headed home and warmed up there, fun fun.