Beautiful Hike

I took 7 of my kids on a beautiful hike, it was only about 20 min. away, the temperature was fine although there is still snow.  It was so beautiful and so much fun.  They all did great even the 2 yr. old although I did carry him most of the way back.  I love the trees and my kids. We are going to be doing more of this! Very awesome!!

hiker hiker2 hiker4


Happy Easter

I had a great day yesterday.  It was sunny for a lot of the day although it was cold.  The kids had a great time with their Easter baskets, egg hunting and egg decorating.  They also got a bunch of treats and some good food.  I got to play with them, read them books and relax a little.  There’s a lot to clean up today though.


Mostly I am glad for Jesus and His teaching of love, acceptance and tolerance, and his gift of grace.  I choose to believe, it is a beautiful and peaceful belief.  I am grateful for his sacrifice and for his understanding of pain, sorrow and love.  That when I am in pain, sorrow or sickness–  He fully understands and knows my pain and that I am not alone because of Him– He is there even though I can’t see Him– I can feel Him in my heart.  That I can connect to Him anytime, anywhere, anyplace– I can feel a pure love and peace in my heart.  “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Sleep, Barefoot, Spring

I think spring is finally really here, my garden space is snow free, the kids have been playing outside everyday riding bikes and stuff, and we go around barefoot and people especially the little people fall asleep in random places (not that that didn’t happen in the winter cold):

Just on the floor and on the couch:

sleep1 sleep2 sleep16

Bare feet is the order of the day and it feels so good outside!!:


There’s still some snow, but it’s warm and quite nice out, very pleasant and the green is standing out more: 

 sleep3 sleep9sleep6sleep7  sleep10   sleep13   sleep18

The snow is disappearing in the village too!


I just thought this photo looked cool, it’s the sun shining through a large window:


A Nice Visit despite more Snow

Ok, so this was Saturday, we went to meet some old friends at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.  It ended up being really really great in spite of the weather.  We went in the afternoon as we had things to do in the morning, and I could hardly believe it was snowing– a lot.  The trees were dusted with white it was yet another winter wonderland. But I don’t want a winter wonderland– I want spring!!  After all April is on Wednesday!!


But at least the snow was not sticking, but it did end up being pretty cold– we brought our snow coats, but we should have worn snow boots too.  Next time we’ll know!!

We did get to see these cute little lambs though, so that is a sign of spring:

lambs1 lambs2

But for the most part, this is what the village was like, my son said we should probably come in the summer– we will, we will.

lambs4 lambs5

And the 2 yr. old had a great time splashing in puddles, but then he got really really cold!  His poor little feet.


But we had a lovely visit with our friends in a warm restaurant, the kids had a good time overall,  I am really glad it all worked out despite the weather!  I am really glad for old friends who work to keep in touch and get together.  It was so much fun and so very nice to see them and meet their kids too!

Working on Projects

One of the things that I really enjoy is finishing a task that I have been wanting to do for a while.  In the background there you can see a painting on the floor and in the foreground you can see a wooden frame with a staple gun in the middle (along with a rather messy room– projects and raising kids is messy). I built a frame and stapled my canvas painting to the frame and hung it up- I will post a pic of the finished product next time maybe.  Very satisfying!


We also started the process of planting seedlings for when spring is actually here– we only got this far, but the seeds are out, we just have to pick which ones we want to plant. The little kids thought it was super fun to fill the cups with dirt.  That made a pretty big mess, but it vacuumed up fine.


And outside in the forest, many of the trees are covered with lichen or mossy stuff.  I think it is really pretty, you can see we still have quite a bit of snow, but it is melting in parts although as I write this it is snowing again, but it won’t last.  Spring really is coming, but my what a winter– winter has been by far the longest season for us this year– it wasn’t so long last year.  We will just really enjoy the outdoors that much more when spring finally gets here, actually we have enjoyed it already, just can’t wait for it to be warm all the time!!projects3

Winter giving way to Spring

We still have quite a lot of snow, but my patio furniture is beginning to reappear, so there is hope that this long winter will soon be something of the past.  I even saw someone walking their dog yesterday with short sleeves!!  Yay, when we get in the car after going into a store or somewhere else, the car is warm!!  This is truly progress!!

snomelt snomelt2

Grass is appearing especially under the trees.  In the village, there is a lot of grass appearing on the green.

snomelt3 snomelt4

And I still have my indoor garden.  I love this mini rose.  Plants make me happy! 🙂flowersil

Making Bread

I have had so many appliances break it seems.  We have been going back to living like pioneers, but I must say it has been so nice to have dryer again.  I still haven’t gotten the clothes folded and put away, but they are clean and fluffy again instead of clean and stiff which is pretty nice.  Well, my bread mixer is now officially broken, so I have been having my kids help me with it, mostly making a type of no-knead bread.  But after this last time, I think replacing my bread mixer is moving up on my priority list- maybe for my b-day coming up.  The kids certainly had fun, but it took awhile to get them all cleaned up.

bread bread2

And then the 2 yr. old played in the sink for awhile and then we had to find him some new clothes.  Never a dull moment, the bread tasted good the next day although the girls complained about having to make it into flatbread on the griddle (I do that when I need the bread quickly and don’t want to wait for it to rise and then bake) because the dough was so sticky.  But hey, everybody liked it and it was healthy, tasty and filling, and the girls learned how to go with the flow and work with super sticky dough!!  So you know, good is coming from this, but I’m sure I’ll post when I have a mixer again!  I have been buying bread more often too– which is of course the easiest, but there’s just something about homemade!