Warm Weather!!

We actually got a little hot today.  It feels so incredibly good to walk around barefoot outside and to not need a coat or a jacket!!  I sat out on our front steps to take a break this afternoon.  I just soaked in the sunshine and sat there enjoying the warmth and the sweet smells and the dandelions and the grass and the sounds of the bugs and birds.  After this winter especially, it feels so incredibly awesome!!! I go to the same places I have been going all winter and my body sort of remembers the cold and I start to automatically brace myself for a big gust of cold, and then there is nothing, but warm pleasantness.  I am loving it!!  Spring is just barely starting here, there are still a lot of bare trees, these pics are from my brother’s farm in VA.  I must say it is tempting to move south, it was so beautiful!!  But it is beautiful here too– just in a different way.

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Home Sweet Home after a Long Road Trip

I am home!!  We have been gone 2 full weeks and have driven through 20 states plus Canada.  It has been so awesome, we have done, seen and learned a lot.  We got to stay with family we don’t see often.  We are so happy to be home! I wanted to kiss the ground when we came in the house.  The foresty pine scent was nice and welcoming.  I love New Hampshire.  And my house is clean, it’s so awesome!!  There is nothing like coming home after a long trip and sleeping your own bed!! Good night!!

niagara road1_1 road1

A Cute Little Boy

There are a lot of little boys at my house– 6 to be exact.  And I love them all and I love each one.  This one is one of my twins.  He is almost 5 1/2 yrs. old.  He is a happy boy.  He was always super cuddly and loved to be held when he was a baby.  He still likes hugs and to ride in the stroller when he can get away with it.  He is very helpful, often if I can’t find something like a diaper or wipes or someone’s sock, he will find it for me.  He loves to help.  He likes to run in front of our group, he likes to discover new things.  He cries when he gets hurt or confused or scared.  He is easy to comfort, and then he goes on his merry way.  He is and has been a joy to watch grow and develop.  I love this smile and happy face, I can’t help but smile myself.


Flowers and Blossoms

We traveled a little South and spring was in full swing, I know it will be in full swing in New Hampshire soon, but I loved the flowers, the grass, and the flowering trees a little early.  It was a glorious spring day down there.  Lovely, lovely indeed.  I absolutely love flowers and plants, I have missed them this winter.  This day was truly glorious and I enjoyed every little plant!!

flowers3 flowers4 flowers5 flowers6 flowers7 flowers1


The last hike we went on was so awesome, that we had to go on another hike.  It is so nice to be in nature.  The hike itself was not as pretty and serene, nor as long as the last one we went on, but the destination was more spectacular!!  It was only about 15-20 min. to the falls from the parking lot, and that’s with a 2 yr. old. We had lots of time to look around and we hiked up above the falls to see the river and it was beautiful all around.  We also brought some snacks again this time and all 8 kids came.  I loved it.  I think all the kids did too!! falls11

falls9 falls10 falls2 falls3 falls4 falls5 falls6 falls7 falls8

Spring and Outside

We can pretty much go outside without coats on again!! Yay!!  I have been getting some really awesome photos.  I love taking pictures of things, I don’t know why, I just do.  This day was misty and rainy, but wow we got some awesome shots and had fun.IMG_9338I have been learning how to shoot in RAW format and I am learning how to edit the photos, I’m trying to figure out the best way to organize and keep my photos, so this is all I have ready to share today.  It may take me some time to get a decent workflow.  But it is so much fun!!  I love learning new things, and I love the warmer weather.  I love the hikes and the kids playing outside. Such a wonderful time of year, and the snow is pretty much all gone!!  It is still a bit cold in the mornings.  I almost feel like I have been let out prison with this weather, I am free to just walk outside with no coat!!  Heaven!!outside


Long lines, ipads and library fines

I am glad for an ipad to make the time pass quick at the DMV.  I hardly noticed how long the line was and I got to read a book and check facebook and browse in peace and quiet without the kids although it was a long time to stand- about an hour.  It was great.  Also I made it to the library to pay for a book we can’t find anywhere, and the librarians were really nice and pleasant.  I was expecting a lecture or a talking to– but no they were really nice.  I suppose I am one of the most generous sponsors of libraries with all my fines. haha.