The Blog of Snow

I didn’t know this would turn into the blog of snow storms, but here’s more.  Yesterday morning there was beautiful light from the sunrise and the trees and bushes and even the power lines were covered in powdery white snow.  It was lovely!!

This is what I saw driving around town yesterday.  Yes, I am tired of the snow, but spring will be here and I will try to enjoy it as much as possible!!

winterwonder winterwonder2 winterwonder4 winterwonder5 winterwonder6 winterwonder7 winterwonder9 winterwonder10 winterwonder12 winterwonder13 winterwonder14

This is the back of my house, these icicles aren’t as big as others I’ve seen, but check out that buried deck.  A few more snowstorms and it will disappear!!  But the light is spring light.  I’ll get to experience my first mud season and flooding.  There wasn’t much last year, our first winter here.  I have new found respect for New Englanders.  It takes a tough, good people to be able to live through winters like these.  It also makes spring and summer and fall that much more appreciated!!

winterwonder15 winterwonder17


A Winter to Remember

I don’t know if you remember the pictures I posted after previous storms of my back deck, but our patio furniture was covered in snow, or so I thought.  Here is what it looks like today– the furniture is no longer even visible, and the hammock out back will be buried soon at this rate:


A couple of my kids made a snow fort out of the snow bank from plowing the driveway, and I am trying to get a pic of all 8 of my kids together once a week for a year, but I keep forgetting, and the sun was already set and it was dang cold out there– brrrr, but it will be funny to look back and see how excited they all were to get their picture taken.  They really are great kids!!

hammocksnow3 hammocksnow8kids

More and more snow

All I have to write about is snow.  We play in it, we admire it and we find things to do inside.  There was so much snow, my son lost his boot in it and dug a trench with a shovel looking for it.  I’m not sure if he found it or not.

apgboyinsnow apglostboot

We made it to the library.  It is lighter longer so I got to take some pictures, which I just love doing.  You can see how much snow we have from the almost buried stop sign.  The roads are getting narrower and the mounds are getting taller, and it’s looking like we’ll get another foot this weekend.  It is crazy weather!!

apgcutehouse apglibrary  apgcutehouse1apgstopsighn

I was excited to get some pictures that showed the snowflakes coming down.  I am getting better at snow pictures.  It is a little tricky!!

apgsnow apgsnowing

Blue Skies

The sun shone today and the sky was blue.  It has been awhile.  We’ve had a lot of snowy and grey days that are pretty, but it gets old.  It was nice to go outside today and have some good light and blue skies!!  That was a real treat and I got some nice photos, you can see how much snow we have, and it actually melted some!


driveway1 driveway2 driveway3 driveway5

Saturday Shopping

Yes, I made the mistake of shopping on Saturday, not only that, but I was shopping right before yet another storm.  There was so much TRAFFIC.  And the sky was gray and it was cold and ugly outside.  The snow by the road was black and the snow takes up some space in the car lanes.  I have started to get a bit of cabin fever, we really haven’t gone anywhere fun for awhile mainly because my kids have Saturday commitments, but also because we seem to be having a bunch of storms and snow, we missed skiing last week.  So I have been highly annoyed with the snow, I really miss being outside.  So I started taking photos of all the ugly things with my new to me iphone– it’s pretty cool:

traffic uglysnow

It actually made me feel a little better, then I saw this sign:

It says “Have a Beautiful Day”.  sign

I decided maybe it wasn’t so bad, but that didn’t change the fact that there was nowhere to park at Costco, and I ran out of time to go to Trader Joe’s because I had to pick up my son.  At least I picked him up on time. I thought these icicles were pretty ugly too.:


Then I thought I would just stop at Whole Foods before I picked up my daughter for a couple things I wanted to get at Trader Joe’s.  That was a mistake I won’t make on a Saturday again!!  There is only one way in and out of that parking lot, so the cars get really backed up to get out, by the time I realized that, it was too late, so we went on in and got some awesome food, but then it took about 30 min to get out of there.  The good thing is that I was able to call my daughter so she wasn’t surprised and home, so they weren’t worried.  I didn’t let anyone cut in front of me either because I drove to the end of the line and waited my turn, but there were a bunch of cars who cut in, not waiting their turn– they definitely could benefit from a better system in that parking lot.  I’ll just avoid it on Saturday mornings.

carline carline2

I am still really tired of the snow, schools are closed again today.  We have over 3 ft. on the ground already.  But it is part of what makes New Hampshire what it is– rugged, tough and prepared.  I can tough it out a little longer I guess, like it or not!!  It is fun in a way and we are getting a lot of work done, and it is pretty and I am finally figuring out how to take good snow pictures.  First World problems for sure, I’m warm, I’m fed, my family is safe and warm and fed too, we’re doing fine!!  And it is staying light longer, spring will come!!  Plus sometimes to appreciate the good, we must experience the bad.


More Snow!!! I have never seen so much snow!!

Wow, we had another snowstorm yesterday, we got almost another foot so we have about 3 ft of snow in our yard!!  I have never seen so much snow.  We missed skiing, we started out, but there was just too much snow and it didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon.  So we went to 5 Below and the Dollar store instead and celebrated a birthday–, but 5 Below was closed because of the snow and school was cancelled and very few people were out in the snow.  And it snowed hard all day long.

But the sun came out today although it never got above freezing, it was 7 degrees tonight when we went to pick up my daughter from Robotics– at least it was above zero.

And now our backyard is a kid’s dreamland– connecting snow tunnels, deep deep snow:

kidsintunnels kidssnow

Even an igloo– they even want to sleep in it sometime!kidtunnel1 kidigloo

This first chair picture was taken after the blizzard last week, the next picture of a mound of snow is the same chair taken this morning after the day of snowing yesterday.  You can’t even tell it’s a chair anymore.


 This is another picture of my back deck,  the snow is just piled high on that table and that other chair, it is crazy!!blizzardbackdeck

The snow banks are piled super high at all the stores, this little guy could get lost in the snow, it is as tall as he is!!