I’ve Moved

I have appreciated the community here on wordpress and looking at your blogs and all the likes and followers I got.  I had no expectation of getting a single like or follower or even having anyone look at my blog.  So thank you! I hope my posts made your day a little lighter and happier. I am continuing my posts on http://appreciatethegood.net  Maybe I’ll see you there!


Flowers and Blossoms

We traveled a little South and spring was in full swing, I know it will be in full swing in New Hampshire soon, but I loved the flowers, the grass, and the flowering trees a little early.  It was a glorious spring day down there.  Lovely, lovely indeed.  I absolutely love flowers and plants, I have missed them this winter.  This day was truly glorious and I enjoyed every little plant!!

flowers3 flowers4 flowers5 flowers6 flowers7 flowers1

sledding hill

We found out about an awesome sledding hill nearby and it did not disappoint.  I wasn’t sure if there would be enough snow, but there was plenty and the hill was fast and it goes out for a long ways.  We ended up having it all to ourselves, very fun. They actually have this tunnel pictured below, so you park in a designated parking lot and then walk under the busy road through this tunnel to the hill.  That was fun.  Also below is the 2 yr. old who I haven’t let outside because he has had a runny nose, he loved the snow, unfortunately he ate a bunch and now has a little cough. But it was worth it to hear his delighted laughter as we slid down the hill.  It was really really fun and my kids are already asking when we can do that again!

snow3snow2  snow4snow


I have always loved clouds.  I love looking at them and watching them flow across the sky.  They are especially beautiful when just a little sunlight hits them around twilight.  I had such a good time taking these photos, I love how the clouds look through the trees!




This Halloween was awesome!!  It was our first year living in our little New Hampshire town.  Lots of people donate candy to the village area of the town and then that’s where a whole bunch of trick or treaters go on Halloween night.  The houses are all super picturesque and many of them go all out with decorations.  We saw a real robot R2 D2 going down the street.  There was free popcorn at the Baptist church, the firefighters were passing out candy in from of their truck with flashing lights, there was even a haunted barn that was really awesome.  My kids loved it and so did my husband and I.  Very fun evening, indeed!!  Happy Halloween!!

halloween1 halloween2 halloween3 halloween4 halloween5 halloween6


It is really, really nice to be able to breathe easily and normally out of my nose.  This always comes as a reminder after getting over a cold.  Often with a cold, the new normal becomes breathing out of one side of the nose or breathing through the mouth, taking it easy and hoping it will pass.  And when the cold does pass, aaaawwww, it is just nice and you remember how nice it is to breathe out of both sides of your nose.  Everything is awesome when you can breathe out your nose ( with the lego music in mind — mind kids sing it often)

Here is a picture of my son enjoying his breath in front of a statue in Boston, I think it’s Edgar Allen Poe.



Happy Autumn!!  Leaves are changing, we went for a walk, I love this street, such a fantastic view, completely surrounded by huge trees!twins roadThe 2 yr. old was done, stopped right in the middle of the road– good thing no cars came, 🙂 .


Life was meant to be enjoyed, just hanging out in the hammock.
leavesMore Fall leaves, I love it!!