Spring and Outside

We can pretty much go outside without coats on again!! Yay!!  I have been getting some really awesome photos.  I love taking pictures of things, I don’t know why, I just do.  This day was misty and rainy, but wow we got some awesome shots and had fun.IMG_9338I have been learning how to shoot in RAW format and I am learning how to edit the photos, I’m trying to figure out the best way to organize and keep my photos, so this is all I have ready to share today.  It may take me some time to get a decent workflow.  But it is so much fun!!  I love learning new things, and I love the warmer weather.  I love the hikes and the kids playing outside. Such a wonderful time of year, and the snow is pretty much all gone!!  It is still a bit cold in the mornings.  I almost feel like I have been let out prison with this weather, I am free to just walk outside with no coat!!  Heaven!!outside



My dryer is fixed!!

No more crunchy towels, no more super wrinkled clothes and no more stiff socks!!  Yay! We went about 6 weeks without a dryer.  I bought a clothes rack to dry hang the clothes, it actually wasn’t too bad, we could manage without the dryer, but then I really got behind on the laundry and I could only do 1-2 loads per day without the dryer, plus the 2 yr. old went through a season of diarhea so we had more laundry than usual.  We got our act together and had the repairman come back with the part that was needed, it only took about 10 min. to fix.  Yay– if we want to wear something tomorrow, I can wash it tonight or in the morning and it will have time to dry!!  I now know why ironing was such a big deal in the days before dryers– everything is stiff and crunchy and wrinkly without a dryer.  So, yay for dryers and yay for not having to iron so much– not that I did– we just wore wrinkly clothes, nobody minded.  There is my fixed dryer and my drying rack and lots of clean clothes to fold and put away!!

laundry1 laundry3

Another good reason to have a dryer?  We were gone all day for my daughter’s robotics competition, and I took the other kids to the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire between sessions.  Hanging clothes on the rack just takes more time, I’m thinking that I may get caught up on the laundry sometime this week– I was doing pretty well with it when first the washer broke- got that fixed and then the dryer.  Hopefully they keep working for awhile, it is so much easier to get out the door when everybody can find their clothes.  One of the hardest things about getting everybody out the door for things is finding clothes that are clean and that they like and will wear.  This will certainly make it easier!  Plus if something is dirty, I can wash it on the quick wash and then dry it, if something is wrinkled I can get it wet throw it in the dryer and voila, so yay!! I had no idea how happy and excited I would be about this– living without certainly makes one appreciate living with!!

So my daughter’s team is #2342 — Team Phoenix.  She designed the phoenixes on their robot which you can see pretty well on here.  She also designed their logo which they used on buttons and on the laptop they used to control the robot.  The team booths are in the background where they wait their turns.  You can see their mascot in the next photo and you can see their robot successfully stacking yellow bins with the opposing team for extra points. They did great today, currently in 1st place!

robot1 robot5

Here is my son in front of the Children’s museum.  It was a nice outing, the little people especially enjoyed it.  The 2 yr. old was in heaven.  Notice that there is still snow everywhere and it snowed today.  This has been the longest winter, Boston made a new record for the amount of snow they received and we are not too far from there.  But notice the grass coming through under the tree.  My deck is reappearing.  So although it still looks like winter and often still feels like winter, it is spring!!  Can’t wait for it to be fully spring!!

robot2 robot3

Spring is on its Way

There’s still a lot of snow out there, but it is melting.  This was our driveway on Monday after breaking up more ice.  The kids had a fun time playing with the ice blocks, this little guy slid down– notice no snow pants.

icebreak1 icebreak2

The kids are anxious to play basketball, my husband lowered the hoop and they really like that.  He has plans of fixing that backboard by gluing a board to it, it was broken when we moved here.


This is just a nice picture of the clear blue beautiful sky!


And this girl is sad to see the snow disappearing so she is making one last snow creature:


The walkway is reappearing and this puddle was super fun:icebreak10

In the front of our house there is a round circle of melted snow, we think that must be where the septic tank is buried. It got up to 50 degrees F yesterday and this circle of grass provided much entertainment.  I loved sending everybody outside.  I loved being able to enjoy being outside too yesterday.  The boys even took their shirts off it felt so good I guess-  Vitamin D at last — yay!  They ran around barefoot too– boys!!


Spring is Coming!

Even though it snowed today and there is still about 2 ft. of snow on the ground, it is much warmer than it has been.  We may get a couple more really cold days, but for the most part I think we are past the coldest of the winter.  Yay!!  I also started buying flowers when I go grocery shopping, maybe I got a bit carried away, but it made me happy!  Miniature daffodils, a hyacinth, shamrocks, and a blue violet.  I also bought some potted tulips but they haven’t bloomed yet, it is so fun to watch them grow and bloom!

spring1 spring2 spring3

We all spent some time outside this afternoon too. I think it may have been around 40 degrees and you can see that we still have plenty of snow, but it felt nice.  We missed shoveling the very first storm of the season and the result was an iced driveway.  Fortunately we had snow tires so I only got stuck once and that was because the car was gone and I drove to where the car usually is with even more ice to back out and I wasn’t going anywhere.  I had to have my son’s scout leader bring him home instead of me picking him up, and then he pushed the van off the ice for me.  That was fortunate.

Today my husband and my boys used the shovel to break up the ice on the driveway so that it will melt faster.  There were some mighty big pieces.

spring4 spring5