Headache Relief

Being too busy and not getting enough sleep gives me a headache.  I went to bed as early as possible last night, but not before a dreaded headache started. I did some meditation in the morning and some EFT tapping that I found on the internet, I also applied some peppermint essential oil to my forehead and neck. That seemed to help. Then I got everybody ready for church, I tried to be mindful on the way and enjoy the drive and the trees.  My headache eased, I was fine at church, I took a nap when we got home.  And now I am staying up too late again– it’s just so tempting when all the little kids are asleep to read and write and learn about things.  I am glad my headache cleared.  I am glad I am able to do a lot before I get a headache– oh water helps too.  I have to sleep and drink a lot of water and not get too busy, but I did fine today. And it feels so good to be headache free, so very good!!  And thank you for reading, and thank you for your likes, it makes me happy!



migraines and health

I had a rough weekend with a migraine.  I had learned to control my migraines by recognizing when I would get one and then I would lie down for a couple hours if possible and it would go away.  This one was different though.  It started differently so it kinda caught me off guard.  I really hate migraines,  they are really, really awful, but I know they will pass although in the midst of it I don’t care about anything except just hoping it will subside.  And when it finally does subside, it is such a relief.  I am really, really grateful for my health.  There have been times when I just haven’t felt good, I’ve spent time and energy on healthy eating and juicing and cleansing, I’ve exercised ever since high school sports.  I really like being able to do things and run and keep up with my responsibilities.  I had a paralyzed arm for 6 months when I was 16, I hated being sick when I was pregnant and then I hated not being able to move around when I was big and pregnant and even more so when I was pregnant with twins.  Once my arm healed from being paralyzed, I felt that I should not have a reason to be sad again, because no matter what, my arm worked.  After my pregnancies I felt I understood obese people better, it was just so hard to move around, and after the twin pregnancy, I felt I understood what it must feel like to have a terminal illness, not because I was in pain which would be awful, but just because I was unable to do regular tasks like pick up toys off the floor and wash dishes standing up, plus at the end my legs started to swell and I could just barely walk very very slowly.  We take so much for granted when we are healthy, we don’t even realize what we’ve got til it’s gone.  I have now borne 8 children, 7 full term pregnancies including a twin pregnancy, and I am getting older and my body and my soul got worn out.  Migraines are just my body telling me to slow down.  I had to slow down A LOT last summer, but I started to heal slowly and it feels so good to be able to do more again.  But I still have to rest at times and not do too much and remember to be easy on myself and say “no” if it will be too much.  I think I just got stressed with all my to dos and thinking about school starting in a couple weeks– if only summer could last a little longer.  I still have to rest and take time for myself and the rest will fall into place.  There is also nothing like pain to turn a person to God.  In the pain of my migraine I was praying for relief and if I could not have relief, then comfort.  I asked my husband for a priesthood blessing because it was so bad, and that gave me hope.  I am glad for such a thing as faith, I choose to believe– it is certainly not intellectual, but it gives me hope and brings me peace.  So even out of the rotten, I can find a little bit of good.  And that is a good thing!