Best Birthday Ever

I went for a jog with my son who said he wasn’t complaining because it was my birthday– that was a perfect present. I showered, I meditated, I had some quiet time with my husband, I blogged, I put the snow clothes away, I got some cleaning done, the kids practiced the piano, I got the shopping for the week done and took my daughter to her trumpet lesson, the kids got a bunch of their school work done, and we had a fun little party.  It was nice and warm outside too and then cooled off in the evening.  Truly a perfect day!!  Any day that I get to shower and exercise and blog and teach school and cook and clean is a great day for me– all those things don’t usually happen!!  Everyone did nice things for me all day and they tried hard not to complain about their tasks.  That was great too.


I got bubbles, binoculars, hats, cards, flowers, a nice frying pan, gardening gloves, a wind chime, some books, some money, some garden plants, and some other little things. And the ice cream was great!!  And my husband is going to take me on a Segway tour of Boston.  I am a lucky woman and 40 is not so bad!!



The last hike we went on was so awesome, that we had to go on another hike.  It is so nice to be in nature.  The hike itself was not as pretty and serene, nor as long as the last one we went on, but the destination was more spectacular!!  It was only about 15-20 min. to the falls from the parking lot, and that’s with a 2 yr. old. We had lots of time to look around and we hiked up above the falls to see the river and it was beautiful all around.  We also brought some snacks again this time and all 8 kids came.  I loved it.  I think all the kids did too!! falls11

falls9 falls10 falls2 falls3 falls4 falls5 falls6 falls7 falls8

Beautiful Hike

I took 7 of my kids on a beautiful hike, it was only about 20 min. away, the temperature was fine although there is still snow.  It was so beautiful and so much fun.  They all did great even the 2 yr. old although I did carry him most of the way back.  I love the trees and my kids. We are going to be doing more of this! Very awesome!!

hiker hiker2 hiker4

Sleep, Barefoot, Spring

I think spring is finally really here, my garden space is snow free, the kids have been playing outside everyday riding bikes and stuff, and we go around barefoot and people especially the little people fall asleep in random places (not that that didn’t happen in the winter cold):

Just on the floor and on the couch:

sleep1 sleep2 sleep16

Bare feet is the order of the day and it feels so good outside!!:


There’s still some snow, but it’s warm and quite nice out, very pleasant and the green is standing out more: 

 sleep3 sleep9sleep6sleep7  sleep10   sleep13   sleep18

The snow is disappearing in the village too!


I just thought this photo looked cool, it’s the sun shining through a large window:


Making Bread

I have had so many appliances break it seems.  We have been going back to living like pioneers, but I must say it has been so nice to have dryer again.  I still haven’t gotten the clothes folded and put away, but they are clean and fluffy again instead of clean and stiff which is pretty nice.  Well, my bread mixer is now officially broken, so I have been having my kids help me with it, mostly making a type of no-knead bread.  But after this last time, I think replacing my bread mixer is moving up on my priority list- maybe for my b-day coming up.  The kids certainly had fun, but it took awhile to get them all cleaned up.

bread bread2

And then the 2 yr. old played in the sink for awhile and then we had to find him some new clothes.  Never a dull moment, the bread tasted good the next day although the girls complained about having to make it into flatbread on the griddle (I do that when I need the bread quickly and don’t want to wait for it to rise and then bake) because the dough was so sticky.  But hey, everybody liked it and it was healthy, tasty and filling, and the girls learned how to go with the flow and work with super sticky dough!!  So you know, good is coming from this, but I’m sure I’ll post when I have a mixer again!  I have been buying bread more often too– which is of course the easiest, but there’s just something about homemade!

Headache Relief

Being too busy and not getting enough sleep gives me a headache.  I went to bed as early as possible last night, but not before a dreaded headache started. I did some meditation in the morning and some EFT tapping that I found on the internet, I also applied some peppermint essential oil to my forehead and neck. That seemed to help. Then I got everybody ready for church, I tried to be mindful on the way and enjoy the drive and the trees.  My headache eased, I was fine at church, I took a nap when we got home.  And now I am staying up too late again– it’s just so tempting when all the little kids are asleep to read and write and learn about things.  I am glad my headache cleared.  I am glad I am able to do a lot before I get a headache– oh water helps too.  I have to sleep and drink a lot of water and not get too busy, but I did fine today. And it feels so good to be headache free, so very good!!  And thank you for reading, and thank you for your likes, it makes me happy!


Clean house, groceries

I finally got my bathroom all nice and clean, and the upstairs.  A clean house feels so good!!  I love when it when I can get to that point.  It is happening more and more.  I went years after the baby twins and with moving with just messes that I just couldn’t get to.  I would feel like a failure and I would feel lazy, but when I would take inventory of my daily activities, I found that I was not lazy, just everything takes time and twin babies– just the amount of time I spent changing diapers each day was significant.  I have also made home cooked meals mostly from scratch a priority and that takes more time too, not just in cooking it but also in cleaning it up.  I never looked forward to cleaning as I thought of it as a boring chore, but when I really ran out of time to do it, I am happy to do chores now, I am glad that I am healthy enough to do them and that I have time to take care of those basic needs.  It also helps that my kids are older and they actually help, my daughter did a bunch this weekend which was great.  They each have a zone to keep up and vacuum and everything, they don’t do the best job, but every little bit helps so much.

Here is the 2 yr. old “helping” me with the bathroom.  His luchador mask gave him super cleaning powers.  He actually did help and it is nice to have company when cleaning!’bathroom

We went and visited our friends and this Santa is on the side of the road on the way!  I guess there used to be a museum there, pretty creepy!bathroom2

I was playing around with my camera because the autofocus seems a bit touchy, and I realized I haven’t taken photos of all the food I buy in a week.  It is an enormous amount and takes me a while to gather and then everybody has to help carry it in and then it takes some time to get it all put away, and this photo doesn’t include the box of wipes another box of oranges and another box of food from Costco.  It really is a lot of work just feeding 10 people everyday!  But I’m so glad I can do it and it has become second nature to me, I don’t have too many days where I don’t know what we’re going to have for dinner.  It’s nice, because when I went super healthy 10 years ago, I had a lot of days like that.  I’m glad we can afford the food too.  Lots to appreciate in these photos, don’t mind the mess of coats, boots and gloves down the hall in background…

bathroom4 bathroom7