boogie boards

We have been on the lookout for boogie boards for a couple weeks now, since our beloved lake is no longer allowing blow up tubes, but they do allow boogie boards and noodles.  Noodles were easy to find, boogie boards not so much.  So after we loaded our bags into the van with 7 kids in tow, i got in the driver seat and was ready to pull away when I looked up and what did I behold?  You guessed it– boogie boards!!  A whole bunch of them right on the sidewalk in from of Five Below– which turns out to be an awesome store, everything is about $5 or less!!  So I bought 6 boogie boards and 7 beach towels and 5 camp chairs and a couple workbooks and a big pail and shovel set for $5 each!!  Happy kids!!  It was great fun for the kids deciding who would get which one.   They even opened them on the way home.  Can’t wait to use them and go to the ocean!!