It is pretty much summer around here.  It is green everywhere and although the water is pretty cold at the lake, the sun is warm and I even get hot making sure nobody drowns.  It’s really nice when friends join us there.  It is just beautiful and lovely and green and warm and amazing outside.  I love this weather, it may even be worth the long and dreary winter!  The first pic is of the village green in the morning– it gets light at like 5:45 am, so it looks like it’s early afternoon, but it was only 7:30 a.m.  The second pic is a few of my boys trying to catch fish with a net.

lake_2 lake

These pictures were taken in  Cambridge, Massachusetts this past week.  It is a lovely town.  I love Boston, I love New England!!  These pillars are at MIT.  We ate at an amazing vegan diner called Veggie Galaxy just a couple blocks from here.  Wow!!



A Nice Visit despite more Snow

Ok, so this was Saturday, we went to meet some old friends at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.  It ended up being really really great in spite of the weather.  We went in the afternoon as we had things to do in the morning, and I could hardly believe it was snowing– a lot.  The trees were dusted with white it was yet another winter wonderland. But I don’t want a winter wonderland– I want spring!!  After all April is on Wednesday!!


But at least the snow was not sticking, but it did end up being pretty cold– we brought our snow coats, but we should have worn snow boots too.  Next time we’ll know!!

We did get to see these cute little lambs though, so that is a sign of spring:

lambs1 lambs2

But for the most part, this is what the village was like, my son said we should probably come in the summer– we will, we will.

lambs4 lambs5

And the 2 yr. old had a great time splashing in puddles, but then he got really really cold!  His poor little feet.


But we had a lovely visit with our friends in a warm restaurant, the kids had a good time overall,  I am really glad it all worked out despite the weather!  I am really glad for old friends who work to keep in touch and get together.  It was so much fun and so very nice to see them and meet their kids too!

Spring, scouts, robotics, basketball

It really is coming!!  Saturday was nice, when we got in the car after playing basketball, it was actually warm!!  It was tricky though, because the next day, March 1 , was way, way cold.  but the days are longer and the light is spring light, it’s brighter, it’s not so gray and glum.  And today it’s supposed to get up to 45!  The icicles are really melting, but it is a gray day.

My son had a great time at Winter Scout Camp.  3 nights in the snow– they slept in cabins so that’s good.  They also jumped in ice cold water in the lake after cutting out the ice to jump into and then warmed up in a sauna they built.  Crazy, but it is a great group of boys and they like it.


Then Saturday my daughter’s Robotics team competed.  They ended up in 2nd place although the awards were weird and they weren’t recognized for that.  They were pretty excited since they came in like 37th last year.  She got to do a lot of the designing for the buttons and on the robot.  It has been a great experience for her.


My other daughter and I played basketball against each other. It was the Women’s team against the Young Women’s team.  I coached them and then played against them.  I told them to try to out run us and had them sub in every 3 minutes since they had 10 players and the women only had 6.  The women still won, but it was really fun. That was the last game for the women though, and her last game will be this Saturday.  I have had such a great time coaching- forgot to take photos.

We have started back to our regular routine after winter break of a week off school.  It is kind of tough to get back in the swing of things, but we are getting there!!  Here are my 3 little guys playing bayblades in the hall– why?  don’t know!  But there is a lot of good going on around here!!


Super Busy Week– Survived!

We pulled off a whole bunch of activities this week, and I am proud of us!!  It started last Sunday night with a scout meeting for my boys’ cub scout troop that we had to plan. Then Monday we went skiing.  The toddler ran a fever on Tues. and didn’t feel well most of the week.  Tuesday, I had scouts with my son and then we left to get the new glasses ordered for my daughter, then we dropped her off at Robotics, dropped my son off at home and my husband joined me to go back and finish ordering the glasses she picked out since we forgot her prescription earlier.  We also finished the grocery shopping, ate out and then picked her up at Robotics.


This is where my daughter meets for robotics, it’s pretty cool.

 Wednesday was the twins birthday and family party. Here’s one of the twins with his new backpack and sleeping bag, both twins wore them around like that all day looking forward to “camping out”.


Thursday, my son is playing church basketball and my daughters practice right after him, I am the coach– it is really a lot of fun for me to coach the girls.  Then we all stayed at the church afterwards for youth night.  Friday morning, I took my son in for an eye doctor appointment, it took 3 1/2 hours and over $800 for just his new pairs of glasses.  His eyes are pretty bad, but he does great with the glasses and needs to see! Then we got a bunch of schoolwork done and worked on cleaning and my daughter went to robotics again.

rainbow clouds

Then Saturday, my son and my daughters and I had basketball starting at 9 am, then I dropped off the one daughter at Robotics and went home to get ready for the twins’ friend birthday party.  My husband went to pick up the son from b-ball practice and to get some intertubes for sledding.  Then we went to the sledding hill for the party– my husband left early for a church meeting and everyone else came back to our house for hot cocoa and cake.  It turned out really, really great.  I think everybody had fun and was comfortable.  I was especially glad about this because one of the moms who brought her kids, I have had a difficult time with, but she was great and it was really nice and I was glad I was able to get along fine with her. It was very pleasant and happy for everyone.

sunset amaryllis

Then we woke up in the middle of the night to a puking boy.  Very sad, it’s so hard when these cute little ones don’t feel well.  The ones who were feeling alright went to church and then we all chilaxed as my boys like to call it, ate and played a board game.  It ended up being a nice evening after a very busy week.  I don’t want to be that busy again for awhile, but we did it!!

Happy New Year

We had a great time this New Year’s, we had a couple families come over, we had lots of food and punch in a glass punch bowl which our little friends were very impressed with.  I think they liked drinking out of little glass cups instead of paper or plastic. We also played a very fun game called The Resistance which we got for Christmas. I highly recommend it– even though it seems you may be teaching your kids to lie– they are also learning to detect liars!  We had the countdown early because some of our little friends were very tired. And we enjoyed sparkling cider and lots of talking. Between my 8 and our friends 5 soon to be 6 and our other friend’s 3 soon to be 4, it was quite lively with 16 kids running around!  It was really really nice to have friends over like that. They are all really great people. I think everyone was comfortable and had a nice time and that is important to me and definitely a success!  We even got the house mostly cleaned up, which of course is all undone now– but still!!  I’m really glad to have good friends!



Happy Thanksgiving!!  Being thankful is awesome!! I have a ton to be grateful for. Today, I am especially thankful for my brother who fixed all our teeth (he is a dentist– a very good dentist, in fact) and we are spending the holiday with him.  As if that wasn’t enough to be grateful for, it looks like our house in NH is out of power, so had we not come here, we likely would have had to find somewhere else to go.  And this visit has been super fun– we are clear out in the country almost to Kentucky and Tennessee in Virginia, and my brother basically has a farm with goats, chickens, horses and dogs.  It has been super fun for the kids!!  Happy day!!

rainy day backup plan

We were supposed to go to the park yesterday but it was raining, since my house was still mostly clean from the Friday night party, I invited our friends over here instead.  It worked out pretty well, we still had the basement decorated for a nerf gun fight in the basement and then the kids played some board games after.  And I got to have some grown up conversation about history and ebola and families and the world.  It was very fun, it is nice to have friends and to slow down on rainy days.