Happy Easter

I had a great day yesterday.  It was sunny for a lot of the day although it was cold.  The kids had a great time with their Easter baskets, egg hunting and egg decorating.  They also got a bunch of treats and some good food.  I got to play with them, read them books and relax a little.  There’s a lot to clean up today though.


Mostly I am glad for Jesus and His teaching of love, acceptance and tolerance, and his gift of grace.  I choose to believe, it is a beautiful and peaceful belief.  I am grateful for his sacrifice and for his understanding of pain, sorrow and love.  That when I am in pain, sorrow or sickness–  He fully understands and knows my pain and that I am not alone because of Him– He is there even though I can’t see Him– I can feel Him in my heart.  That I can connect to Him anytime, anywhere, anyplace– I can feel a pure love and peace in my heart.  “Be still, and know that I am God.”


Clean house, groceries

I finally got my bathroom all nice and clean, and the upstairs.  A clean house feels so good!!  I love when it when I can get to that point.  It is happening more and more.  I went years after the baby twins and with moving with just messes that I just couldn’t get to.  I would feel like a failure and I would feel lazy, but when I would take inventory of my daily activities, I found that I was not lazy, just everything takes time and twin babies– just the amount of time I spent changing diapers each day was significant.  I have also made home cooked meals mostly from scratch a priority and that takes more time too, not just in cooking it but also in cleaning it up.  I never looked forward to cleaning as I thought of it as a boring chore, but when I really ran out of time to do it, I am happy to do chores now, I am glad that I am healthy enough to do them and that I have time to take care of those basic needs.  It also helps that my kids are older and they actually help, my daughter did a bunch this weekend which was great.  They each have a zone to keep up and vacuum and everything, they don’t do the best job, but every little bit helps so much.

Here is the 2 yr. old “helping” me with the bathroom.  His luchador mask gave him super cleaning powers.  He actually did help and it is nice to have company when cleaning!’bathroom

We went and visited our friends and this Santa is on the side of the road on the way!  I guess there used to be a museum there, pretty creepy!bathroom2

I was playing around with my camera because the autofocus seems a bit touchy, and I realized I haven’t taken photos of all the food I buy in a week.  It is an enormous amount and takes me a while to gather and then everybody has to help carry it in and then it takes some time to get it all put away, and this photo doesn’t include the box of wipes another box of oranges and another box of food from Costco.  It really is a lot of work just feeding 10 people everyday!  But I’m so glad I can do it and it has become second nature to me, I don’t have too many days where I don’t know what we’re going to have for dinner.  It’s nice, because when I went super healthy 10 years ago, I had a lot of days like that.  I’m glad we can afford the food too.  Lots to appreciate in these photos, don’t mind the mess of coats, boots and gloves down the hall in background…

bathroom4 bathroom7

romanesco cauliflower, planetarium and pretty pictures

This is Romanesco Cauliflower– I had never seen it before, but it is really cool looking:

veggie1 veggie2 veggie3

It is winter break and very much appreciated, we went on a field trip to the planetarium yesterday.  Very fun, but wow, it was cold yesterday got to -6!!   But it wasn’t snowing so that was nice to be able to leave the house in safety and knowledge that it would be open and not closed to due to inclement weather.


We spent a lot of time in the gift shop at the end getting smashed pennies and putting pennies down the funnel.  It takes a while when 4-8 kids each want a turn!

veggie4 veggie5 veggie7veggie6

These are a couple photos I liked.  We are starting to get some spring sunshine.  The sky is starting to be blue a lot again, and not that drab gray or white.  And with the snow here it is beautiful!!  I love how the clouds in the bottom right photo look like a painting.

veggie9 veggie10

Happy New Year

We had a great time this New Year’s, we had a couple families come over, we had lots of food and punch in a glass punch bowl which our little friends were very impressed with.  I think they liked drinking out of little glass cups instead of paper or plastic. We also played a very fun game called The Resistance which we got for Christmas. I highly recommend it– even though it seems you may be teaching your kids to lie– they are also learning to detect liars!  We had the countdown early because some of our little friends were very tired. And we enjoyed sparkling cider and lots of talking. Between my 8 and our friends 5 soon to be 6 and our other friend’s 3 soon to be 4, it was quite lively with 16 kids running around!  It was really really nice to have friends over like that. They are all really great people. I think everyone was comfortable and had a nice time and that is important to me and definitely a success!  We even got the house mostly cleaned up, which of course is all undone now– but still!!  I’m really glad to have good friends!



Happy Thanksgiving!!  Being thankful is awesome!! I have a ton to be grateful for. Today, I am especially thankful for my brother who fixed all our teeth (he is a dentist– a very good dentist, in fact) and we are spending the holiday with him.  As if that wasn’t enough to be grateful for, it looks like our house in NH is out of power, so had we not come here, we likely would have had to find somewhere else to go.  And this visit has been super fun– we are clear out in the country almost to Kentucky and Tennessee in Virginia, and my brother basically has a farm with goats, chickens, horses and dogs.  It has been super fun for the kids!!  Happy day!!

fresh pressed apple cider

I went to a couple farms nearby that I had never been to before.  I love small farms, it was so picturesque, rolling tree lined roads with fields of corn and apple orchards sprinkled around.  It was misty and raining, and unfortunately none of the farms have as many apples as usual because of the weather, so places that normally have cider don’t have it this year.  But there was one place that had it, I bought 4 gallons, and it was yummy!!  Fresh pressed and unpasteurized– very good stuff!!  I will definitely be returning!!



I LOVE watermelon!!  I love the juice as I chew, I love the way it crunches when I bite into it.  I love the way it tastes.  I love the way it quenches my thirst and makes me feel good after I eat it.  Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon. I love the summer and fall when it is plentiful and cheap!! So so good!!  Yum!!