Basketball and Playing in the Car

These are some pictures of the kids playing basketball, I love capturing the ball in mid-air.  In the background you can see a couple kids standing on the grass– they were pretty excited to see grass, they may have forgotten what it looks like, not sure. It is only there because that is where my husband snow blowed for the gas guy to be able to fill our propane tank– we are pretty off- grid around here- it’s cool.  But yeah, we are really excited for grass around here, all the driveway is gone and it has been in the 40s and 50s around, so basketball is the order of the

Poor little 2 yr. old fell flat on his face, so sad, he cried, but nothing was scraped or bleeding, I think he was mostly scared– it’s hard being a little guy, not quite big enough to do anything.


But it is fun to drive a car– the kids love playing in the car, it is finally warm enough for that too.  Good days, good times!basketball3


Spring, scouts, robotics, basketball

It really is coming!!  Saturday was nice, when we got in the car after playing basketball, it was actually warm!!  It was tricky though, because the next day, March 1 , was way, way cold.  but the days are longer and the light is spring light, it’s brighter, it’s not so gray and glum.  And today it’s supposed to get up to 45!  The icicles are really melting, but it is a gray day.

My son had a great time at Winter Scout Camp.  3 nights in the snow– they slept in cabins so that’s good.  They also jumped in ice cold water in the lake after cutting out the ice to jump into and then warmed up in a sauna they built.  Crazy, but it is a great group of boys and they like it.


Then Saturday my daughter’s Robotics team competed.  They ended up in 2nd place although the awards were weird and they weren’t recognized for that.  They were pretty excited since they came in like 37th last year.  She got to do a lot of the designing for the buttons and on the robot.  It has been a great experience for her.


My other daughter and I played basketball against each other. It was the Women’s team against the Young Women’s team.  I coached them and then played against them.  I told them to try to out run us and had them sub in every 3 minutes since they had 10 players and the women only had 6.  The women still won, but it was really fun. That was the last game for the women though, and her last game will be this Saturday.  I have had such a great time coaching- forgot to take photos.

We have started back to our regular routine after winter break of a week off school.  It is kind of tough to get back in the swing of things, but we are getting there!!  Here are my 3 little guys playing bayblades in the hall– why?  don’t know!  But there is a lot of good going on around here!!



I have been coaching our Young Women’s church youth group basketball team.  My 2 girls are on the team.  It has been so much fun for me.  I played basketball in high school, loved it — practiced all the time.  I am amazed at how it just comes back, I immediately crouch when I show the girls how to play defense or how to keep others from getting the ball while dribbling.  We had 2 games on Sat. and in between our games, the Women’s team played, so I decided to play with them since I wasn’t going anywhere anyway.  It was so much fun!! It was a real workout though– wow!!  I am still sore 3 days later!!

All of us moms were huffing and puffing a bit, but it felt so good and it was really really fun.  I am glad that I am able to run up and down the court.  After 8 babies, I have spent about 5 yrs. of my life pregnant unable to participate is such risky behavior either because I was naseous or just too big and another 7 yrs. or so nursing and responsible for little people and thus unable to do such things. Plus I sustained some injuries from playing in my younger years, and purposely stayed away from it for years. So it was really really nice to play again.  And really fun to coach and help my girls and their friends with it.  I am no where near to the shape I was in when I played all the time, but I’m really glad I didn’t lose it all.  I guess it’s like riding a bike!!

Teaching Twins to Ski

I now know from personal experience just how important it is to exercise and to be ready for anything.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, my older kids have been participating in a really great learn to ski program.  Well, the side effect of this is that I observed a bunch of tiny kids also skiing and realized that my twins who just turned 5 are probably old enough to learn to ski too.  So last week they were sick, this week I couldn’t leave them at home, so I rented them some little skis.  Now I really appreciate the work the ski instructors do– there were no instructors left, so it was up to me!


They of course knew nothing, I had observed my kids’ lessons so I had them go down the bunny hill on 1 ski.  They fell and cried, especially the one in blue, he cried so much.  So I would run and pick them back up, one would fall and then the other.  We were doing OK, and then I saw the 2 yr. old walking down to the bottom of the hill near the Magic Carpet!!.


So I had to get him, while I was getting him, the twin in red managed to put his other ski on and went straight down the hill!! So I chased him and slowed him down.  Then the one in blue also wanted his other ski on, so we got it and then I chased him down the hill.  I put them on the Magic Carpet to go up (boy am I glad that thing is slow) and carried the 2 yr. old up the hill to wait for them at the top.  Finally, the 2 yr. old started crying and was done being in the cold, the twins were making some progress, but I told them it was time for a break.  We went in the lodge and warmed up. The older kids came, the 7 yr. old cried because he was cold too.  It was crazy.


We had lunch and rested awhile before we went again.  I put some extra clothes on the baby and the 7 yr. old.  It was extra cold – the storm was coming. I was not a bit cold from all my running up, down and sideways on the hill. This time I also had the 7 yr. old super willing to help the twins learn and the 2 yr. old was mostly happy playing in the snow, although he was tired, cozy and warm and might have fallen asleep out there. But I kept him awake and he liked riding the magic carpet.

But the twins cried every time they fell down until I could get over to them to lift them up. I asked if they wanted to be done and that made them cry harder, so I told them that they had to sit and wait when they fell and if they cried, we would turn in their skis.  That worked. Yay!!  They made some really good progress, my older kids came and helped them for a bit and that was a nice rest for me. We are to the point now where I can probably just wait for them at the Magic Carpet, they can make their way down the hill, they can even almost get back on the Carpet on their own. Although one of them skied  onto the carpet– had to run over and get him going back down the hill.  I am so glad for bunny hills and magic carpets!!

learnski4But wow, am I sore today.  I think I made everyone watching me tired.  I am really glad that I have made it a point to exercise most everyday, so that I can keep up with these little guys.  I had no idea how much of a workout I was going to get. It really was awesome!! And I am really proud of all my kids– the twins learning to ski and the older ones helping them and making accomplishments of their own.  Nice day!!


It has been getting dark earlier and earlier around here.  Then with daylight savings and being on the edge of the time zone, sunset is around 5 pm and it’s pitch black by 5:30.  That’s the time I would usually go running, but it’s not so fun in the dark or safe, so I have to figure something out.  I do best running, but yesterday I did a power yoga/pilates workout.  It felt really good, it had been awhile since I stretched some of those muscles.  I would like to incorporate more stretching and strength training into my workouts.  I have pretty much just jogged for the past 4 months.  My kids like the videos too, especially the little people, they are super funny to watch following the video teacher.


It has turned chilly.  Winter is on its way.  But this fall was super awesome, I loved it, it has been so fun to see the changes, every day is different and beautiful.  Now there are a lot of leaves on the ground.  I have been making a point of getting the kids outside for a jog/walk everyday. They love it, it just feels good to be outside.  We have to wear hats and gloves and jackets now, but it’s still fairly comfortable.  And I got some new lenses and got a couple good pictures once the sprinkling let up.

babystroller runninggirl boyhead rock

migraines and health

I had a rough weekend with a migraine.  I had learned to control my migraines by recognizing when I would get one and then I would lie down for a couple hours if possible and it would go away.  This one was different though.  It started differently so it kinda caught me off guard.  I really hate migraines,  they are really, really awful, but I know they will pass although in the midst of it I don’t care about anything except just hoping it will subside.  And when it finally does subside, it is such a relief.  I am really, really grateful for my health.  There have been times when I just haven’t felt good, I’ve spent time and energy on healthy eating and juicing and cleansing, I’ve exercised ever since high school sports.  I really like being able to do things and run and keep up with my responsibilities.  I had a paralyzed arm for 6 months when I was 16, I hated being sick when I was pregnant and then I hated not being able to move around when I was big and pregnant and even more so when I was pregnant with twins.  Once my arm healed from being paralyzed, I felt that I should not have a reason to be sad again, because no matter what, my arm worked.  After my pregnancies I felt I understood obese people better, it was just so hard to move around, and after the twin pregnancy, I felt I understood what it must feel like to have a terminal illness, not because I was in pain which would be awful, but just because I was unable to do regular tasks like pick up toys off the floor and wash dishes standing up, plus at the end my legs started to swell and I could just barely walk very very slowly.  We take so much for granted when we are healthy, we don’t even realize what we’ve got til it’s gone.  I have now borne 8 children, 7 full term pregnancies including a twin pregnancy, and I am getting older and my body and my soul got worn out.  Migraines are just my body telling me to slow down.  I had to slow down A LOT last summer, but I started to heal slowly and it feels so good to be able to do more again.  But I still have to rest at times and not do too much and remember to be easy on myself and say “no” if it will be too much.  I think I just got stressed with all my to dos and thinking about school starting in a couple weeks– if only summer could last a little longer.  I still have to rest and take time for myself and the rest will fall into place.  There is also nothing like pain to turn a person to God.  In the pain of my migraine I was praying for relief and if I could not have relief, then comfort.  I asked my husband for a priesthood blessing because it was so bad, and that gave me hope.  I am glad for such a thing as faith, I choose to believe– it is certainly not intellectual, but it gives me hope and brings me peace.  So even out of the rotten, I can find a little bit of good.  And that is a good thing!