My dryer is fixed!!

No more crunchy towels, no more super wrinkled clothes and no more stiff socks!!  Yay! We went about 6 weeks without a dryer.  I bought a clothes rack to dry hang the clothes, it actually wasn’t too bad, we could manage without the dryer, but then I really got behind on the laundry and I could only do 1-2 loads per day without the dryer, plus the 2 yr. old went through a season of diarhea so we had more laundry than usual.  We got our act together and had the repairman come back with the part that was needed, it only took about 10 min. to fix.  Yay– if we want to wear something tomorrow, I can wash it tonight or in the morning and it will have time to dry!!  I now know why ironing was such a big deal in the days before dryers– everything is stiff and crunchy and wrinkly without a dryer.  So, yay for dryers and yay for not having to iron so much– not that I did– we just wore wrinkly clothes, nobody minded.  There is my fixed dryer and my drying rack and lots of clean clothes to fold and put away!!

laundry1 laundry3

Another good reason to have a dryer?  We were gone all day for my daughter’s robotics competition, and I took the other kids to the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire between sessions.  Hanging clothes on the rack just takes more time, I’m thinking that I may get caught up on the laundry sometime this week– I was doing pretty well with it when first the washer broke- got that fixed and then the dryer.  Hopefully they keep working for awhile, it is so much easier to get out the door when everybody can find their clothes.  One of the hardest things about getting everybody out the door for things is finding clothes that are clean and that they like and will wear.  This will certainly make it easier!  Plus if something is dirty, I can wash it on the quick wash and then dry it, if something is wrinkled I can get it wet throw it in the dryer and voila, so yay!! I had no idea how happy and excited I would be about this– living without certainly makes one appreciate living with!!

So my daughter’s team is #2342 — Team Phoenix.  She designed the phoenixes on their robot which you can see pretty well on here.  She also designed their logo which they used on buttons and on the laptop they used to control the robot.  The team booths are in the background where they wait their turns.  You can see their mascot in the next photo and you can see their robot successfully stacking yellow bins with the opposing team for extra points. They did great today, currently in 1st place!

robot1 robot5

Here is my son in front of the Children’s museum.  It was a nice outing, the little people especially enjoyed it.  The 2 yr. old was in heaven.  Notice that there is still snow everywhere and it snowed today.  This has been the longest winter, Boston made a new record for the amount of snow they received and we are not too far from there.  But notice the grass coming through under the tree.  My deck is reappearing.  So although it still looks like winter and often still feels like winter, it is spring!!  Can’t wait for it to be fully spring!!

robot2 robot3


Clean house, groceries

I finally got my bathroom all nice and clean, and the upstairs.  A clean house feels so good!!  I love when it when I can get to that point.  It is happening more and more.  I went years after the baby twins and with moving with just messes that I just couldn’t get to.  I would feel like a failure and I would feel lazy, but when I would take inventory of my daily activities, I found that I was not lazy, just everything takes time and twin babies– just the amount of time I spent changing diapers each day was significant.  I have also made home cooked meals mostly from scratch a priority and that takes more time too, not just in cooking it but also in cleaning it up.  I never looked forward to cleaning as I thought of it as a boring chore, but when I really ran out of time to do it, I am happy to do chores now, I am glad that I am healthy enough to do them and that I have time to take care of those basic needs.  It also helps that my kids are older and they actually help, my daughter did a bunch this weekend which was great.  They each have a zone to keep up and vacuum and everything, they don’t do the best job, but every little bit helps so much.

Here is the 2 yr. old “helping” me with the bathroom.  His luchador mask gave him super cleaning powers.  He actually did help and it is nice to have company when cleaning!’bathroom

We went and visited our friends and this Santa is on the side of the road on the way!  I guess there used to be a museum there, pretty creepy!bathroom2

I was playing around with my camera because the autofocus seems a bit touchy, and I realized I haven’t taken photos of all the food I buy in a week.  It is an enormous amount and takes me a while to gather and then everybody has to help carry it in and then it takes some time to get it all put away, and this photo doesn’t include the box of wipes another box of oranges and another box of food from Costco.  It really is a lot of work just feeding 10 people everyday!  But I’m so glad I can do it and it has become second nature to me, I don’t have too many days where I don’t know what we’re going to have for dinner.  It’s nice, because when I went super healthy 10 years ago, I had a lot of days like that.  I’m glad we can afford the food too.  Lots to appreciate in these photos, don’t mind the mess of coats, boots and gloves down the hall in background…

bathroom4 bathroom7

Happy New Year

We had a great time this New Year’s, we had a couple families come over, we had lots of food and punch in a glass punch bowl which our little friends were very impressed with.  I think they liked drinking out of little glass cups instead of paper or plastic. We also played a very fun game called The Resistance which we got for Christmas. I highly recommend it– even though it seems you may be teaching your kids to lie– they are also learning to detect liars!  We had the countdown early because some of our little friends were very tired. And we enjoyed sparkling cider and lots of talking. Between my 8 and our friends 5 soon to be 6 and our other friend’s 3 soon to be 4, it was quite lively with 16 kids running around!  It was really really nice to have friends over like that. They are all really great people. I think everyone was comfortable and had a nice time and that is important to me and definitely a success!  We even got the house mostly cleaned up, which of course is all undone now– but still!!  I’m really glad to have good friends!



My second child and daughter turned 14 this month and had her birthday party on Friday night.  I was a little stressed about it, but it turned out great!!  Teen age girls are actually really fun and easy to hold parties for.  We had a clean house, I made cowboy caviar and guacamole and popcorn and put the cake in the oven when they got here around 5:45pm.  We had a table laid out with canvases and paint and paper and pencils, and the girls just had a great time doing art and listening to music and talking for about 2 hrs.  I just did all the food while they were here and I got to listen to their conversations and observe them interact.  It was a pleasure.  We put a TV up in the boys room and they had their own little party, they also had 2 laptops to play minecraft with each other and I took up plates of food and popcorn and water for them.  We had the cake and sang Happy Birthday downstairs and then some of the girls played games and others went back to the art table.  They finished the evening waiting for parents to come by watching Studio C on YouTube.  We had about 15 girls total.  I am so glad my daughters have such nice friends. I was very pleased the party turned out so well and was so easy!!  Happy Birthday #2!!

cleaning and organizing

After having some weird illness earlier in the week, (we all kinda had something… ( I won’t elaborate)  it wasn’t too bad, it just mostly made us cranky and tired — I know I am feeling better because I actually got a bunch of cleaning and organizing done.  I am not a naturally organized, tidy kind of a person.  Just thinking about cleaning and organizing usually makes me tired and overwhelmed.  But today, I had had it with our school room.  I had decided a couple weeks ago that we needed to move the smaller table with the sewing machine down to the basement and move the computer to the bigger table, just so the room wasn’t so cramped.  I did it!!  It didn’t even take too long and it looks so much better– definitely not magazine pretty, but pretty good for me. Maybe when I finally get a picture hung, I’ll deem it worthy of taking a photo and posting it here– maybe.  I even got some paint and ink spills cleaned up off the floor, I am soooooo glad they came out.  And I got all the toys organized– not the games yet– and I filled 2 trash bags of trash.  Now that feels good!!  Maybe I like cleaning– maybe– at least today I did!