Warm Weather!!

We actually got a little hot today.  It feels so incredibly good to walk around barefoot outside and to not need a coat or a jacket!!  I sat out on our front steps to take a break this afternoon.  I just soaked in the sunshine and sat there enjoying the warmth and the sweet smells and the dandelions and the grass and the sounds of the bugs and birds.  After this winter especially, it feels so incredibly awesome!!! I go to the same places I have been going all winter and my body sort of remembers the cold and I start to automatically brace myself for a big gust of cold, and then there is nothing, but warm pleasantness.  I am loving it!!  Spring is just barely starting here, there are still a lot of bare trees, these pics are from my brother’s farm in VA.  I must say it is tempting to move south, it was so beautiful!!  But it is beautiful here too– just in a different way.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!  Being thankful is awesome!! I have a ton to be grateful for. Today, I am especially thankful for my brother who fixed all our teeth (he is a dentist– a very good dentist, in fact) and we are spending the holiday with him.  As if that wasn’t enough to be grateful for, it looks like our house in NH is out of power, so had we not come here, we likely would have had to find somewhere else to go.  And this visit has been super fun– we are clear out in the country almost to Kentucky and Tennessee in Virginia, and my brother basically has a farm with goats, chickens, horses and dogs.  It has been super fun for the kids!!  Happy day!!

bird’s nest


We had an awesome Saturday with nothing scheduled.  I love those days.  The kids pointed out this bird’s nest to me.  It looks like the bird got a small scarp of paper.  It looks like it is made mostly of roots and little twigs.  It is really fun to look at it with a child and wonder about the bird and how do they know how to build these things?


Ever since we’ve moved, I think my kids have really missed their pets, we gave away our chickens and our cat and our sweet dog died before we came.  It was vey sad, and has been an adjustment for the kids.  However, living on the East coast as opposed to the Rocky Mountain desert has its advantages.  My kids have discovered the frogs and turtles.  So that is pretty much what they did all day yesterday, and have plans of doing today.  After a bit of arguing over who gets to catch the frog when he escapes the bucket and how long so and so has done it, they are learning to share better– and catch more frogs.  Hopefully the frogs aren’t too traumatized, but they are beautiful in their own way and they are certainly amazing and I am glad my kids get to interact with nature so much!!