This blog is a gratitude journal of sorts.  After an extremely difficult 5 yrs. of my life where just about anything that could possibly go wrong– and make things even harder than they already were– did, I am now in a stage where lots of things are going right.  I’m not used to it, and I want to write them down, acknowledge them and share.  Lots of happy blogs lifted my spirits when I was going through my rough patches, I want to lift others’ as we all travel through together on this journey called life.

My name is Amber, I have been married for 18 years and I have 8 children ages 15-2 including a set of twins who are currently 5.  I think my family is my favorite blessing.  I also blog about education and parenting at www.educationalpursuits.org and plant-based cooking at www.ambersfamilykitchen.wordpress.com .  I have lots of interests!!  Thank you for reading!



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