A Nice Visit despite more Snow

Ok, so this was Saturday, we went to meet some old friends at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.  It ended up being really really great in spite of the weather.  We went in the afternoon as we had things to do in the morning, and I could hardly believe it was snowing– a lot.  The trees were dusted with white it was yet another winter wonderland. But I don’t want a winter wonderland– I want spring!!  After all April is on Wednesday!!


But at least the snow was not sticking, but it did end up being pretty cold– we brought our snow coats, but we should have worn snow boots too.  Next time we’ll know!!

We did get to see these cute little lambs though, so that is a sign of spring:

lambs1 lambs2

But for the most part, this is what the village was like, my son said we should probably come in the summer– we will, we will.

lambs4 lambs5

And the 2 yr. old had a great time splashing in puddles, but then he got really really cold!  His poor little feet.


But we had a lovely visit with our friends in a warm restaurant, the kids had a good time overall,  I am really glad it all worked out despite the weather!  I am really glad for old friends who work to keep in touch and get together.  It was so much fun and so very nice to see them and meet their kids too!


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