Working on Projects

One of the things that I really enjoy is finishing a task that I have been wanting to do for a while.  In the background there you can see a painting on the floor and in the foreground you can see a wooden frame with a staple gun in the middle (along with a rather messy room– projects and raising kids is messy). I built a frame and stapled my canvas painting to the frame and hung it up- I will post a pic of the finished product next time maybe.  Very satisfying!


We also started the process of planting seedlings for when spring is actually here– we only got this far, but the seeds are out, we just have to pick which ones we want to plant. The little kids thought it was super fun to fill the cups with dirt.  That made a pretty big mess, but it vacuumed up fine.


And outside in the forest, many of the trees are covered with lichen or mossy stuff.  I think it is really pretty, you can see we still have quite a bit of snow, but it is melting in parts although as I write this it is snowing again, but it won’t last.  Spring really is coming, but my what a winter– winter has been by far the longest season for us this year– it wasn’t so long last year.  We will just really enjoy the outdoors that much more when spring finally gets here, actually we have enjoyed it already, just can’t wait for it to be warm all the time!!projects3


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