Making Bread

I have had so many appliances break it seems.  We have been going back to living like pioneers, but I must say it has been so nice to have dryer again.  I still haven’t gotten the clothes folded and put away, but they are clean and fluffy again instead of clean and stiff which is pretty nice.  Well, my bread mixer is now officially broken, so I have been having my kids help me with it, mostly making a type of no-knead bread.  But after this last time, I think replacing my bread mixer is moving up on my priority list- maybe for my b-day coming up.  The kids certainly had fun, but it took awhile to get them all cleaned up.

bread bread2

And then the 2 yr. old played in the sink for awhile and then we had to find him some new clothes.  Never a dull moment, the bread tasted good the next day although the girls complained about having to make it into flatbread on the griddle (I do that when I need the bread quickly and don’t want to wait for it to rise and then bake) because the dough was so sticky.  But hey, everybody liked it and it was healthy, tasty and filling, and the girls learned how to go with the flow and work with super sticky dough!!  So you know, good is coming from this, but I’m sure I’ll post when I have a mixer again!  I have been buying bread more often too– which is of course the easiest, but there’s just something about homemade!


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