Headache Relief

Being too busy and not getting enough sleep gives me a headache.  I went to bed as early as possible last night, but not before a dreaded headache started. I did some meditation in the morning and some EFT tapping that I found on the internet, I also applied some peppermint essential oil to my forehead and neck. That seemed to help. Then I got everybody ready for church, I tried to be mindful on the way and enjoy the drive and the trees.  My headache eased, I was fine at church, I took a nap when we got home.  And now I am staying up too late again– it’s just so tempting when all the little kids are asleep to read and write and learn about things.  I am glad my headache cleared.  I am glad I am able to do a lot before I get a headache– oh water helps too.  I have to sleep and drink a lot of water and not get too busy, but I did fine today. And it feels so good to be headache free, so very good!!  And thank you for reading, and thank you for your likes, it makes me happy!



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