Basketball and Playing in the Car

These are some pictures of the kids playing basketball, I love capturing the ball in mid-air.  In the background you can see a couple kids standing on the grass– they were pretty excited to see grass, they may have forgotten what it looks like, not sure. It is only there because that is where my husband snow blowed for the gas guy to be able to fill our propane tank– we are pretty off- grid around here- it’s cool.  But yeah, we are really excited for grass around here, all the driveway is gone and it has been in the 40s and 50s around, so basketball is the order of the

Poor little 2 yr. old fell flat on his face, so sad, he cried, but nothing was scraped or bleeding, I think he was mostly scared– it’s hard being a little guy, not quite big enough to do anything.


But it is fun to drive a car– the kids love playing in the car, it is finally warm enough for that too.  Good days, good times!basketball3


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