Spring, scouts, robotics, basketball

It really is coming!!  Saturday was nice, when we got in the car after playing basketball, it was actually warm!!  It was tricky though, because the next day, March 1 , was way, way cold.  but the days are longer and the light is spring light, it’s brighter, it’s not so gray and glum.  And today it’s supposed to get up to 45!  The icicles are really melting, but it is a gray day.

My son had a great time at Winter Scout Camp.  3 nights in the snow– they slept in cabins so that’s good.  They also jumped in ice cold water in the lake after cutting out the ice to jump into and then warmed up in a sauna they built.  Crazy, but it is a great group of boys and they like it.


Then Saturday my daughter’s Robotics team competed.  They ended up in 2nd place although the awards were weird and they weren’t recognized for that.  They were pretty excited since they came in like 37th last year.  She got to do a lot of the designing for the buttons and on the robot.  It has been a great experience for her.


My other daughter and I played basketball against each other. It was the Women’s team against the Young Women’s team.  I coached them and then played against them.  I told them to try to out run us and had them sub in every 3 minutes since they had 10 players and the women only had 6.  The women still won, but it was really fun. That was the last game for the women though, and her last game will be this Saturday.  I have had such a great time coaching- forgot to take photos.

We have started back to our regular routine after winter break of a week off school.  It is kind of tough to get back in the swing of things, but we are getting there!!  Here are my 3 little guys playing bayblades in the hall– why?  don’t know!  But there is a lot of good going on around here!!



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