road trip

I wasn’t exactly planning it, but I have been thinking it would be nice to see some ice sculptures of some sort and do something that can only be done in the cold.  So I asked my town’s facebook group about where to go and somebody said that there are ice sculptures at Dartmouth College and snow ones on the green in Woodstock, Vt.  I asked the kids if they wanted to go and they weren’t sure, but they were willing to try it especially if they could play on tablets and watch a movie on the way since we would be in the car for a bit, so we loaded everybody up except the oldest who still did not want to go and we went!!  I loved getting out of the house and getting my bearings in the area– I had never been to either place.  I think I had more fun than the kids, but you can get the rest of the details and pics here when I blog about it on my homeschool blog- hopefully soon.

roadtrip1 roadtrip2 roadtrip4 roadtrip6


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