romanesco cauliflower, planetarium and pretty pictures

This is Romanesco Cauliflower– I had never seen it before, but it is really cool looking:

veggie1 veggie2 veggie3

It is winter break and very much appreciated, we went on a field trip to the planetarium yesterday.  Very fun, but wow, it was cold yesterday got to -6!!   But it wasn’t snowing so that was nice to be able to leave the house in safety and knowledge that it would be open and not closed to due to inclement weather.


We spent a lot of time in the gift shop at the end getting smashed pennies and putting pennies down the funnel.  It takes a while when 4-8 kids each want a turn!

veggie4 veggie5 veggie7veggie6

These are a couple photos I liked.  We are starting to get some spring sunshine.  The sky is starting to be blue a lot again, and not that drab gray or white.  And with the snow here it is beautiful!!  I love how the clouds in the bottom right photo look like a painting.

veggie9 veggie10


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