The Blog of Snow

I didn’t know this would turn into the blog of snow storms, but here’s more.  Yesterday morning there was beautiful light from the sunrise and the trees and bushes and even the power lines were covered in powdery white snow.  It was lovely!!

This is what I saw driving around town yesterday.  Yes, I am tired of the snow, but spring will be here and I will try to enjoy it as much as possible!!

winterwonder winterwonder2 winterwonder4 winterwonder5 winterwonder6 winterwonder7 winterwonder9 winterwonder10 winterwonder12 winterwonder13 winterwonder14

This is the back of my house, these icicles aren’t as big as others I’ve seen, but check out that buried deck.  A few more snowstorms and it will disappear!!  But the light is spring light.  I’ll get to experience my first mud season and flooding.  There wasn’t much last year, our first winter here.  I have new found respect for New Englanders.  It takes a tough, good people to be able to live through winters like these.  It also makes spring and summer and fall that much more appreciated!!

winterwonder15 winterwonder17


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