Skiing is Fun

So Monday, we were scheduled to go skiing, but #5 and #7 were both sick.  #8 had been sick the week before.  So it worked out to leave the 4 younger kids at home while their dad worked, they were mellow and it wasn’t too bad for him.  I took the 4 older kids skiing and planned to ski with them for the first time in about 25 yrs.  The ski resort didn’t make me pay extra, they just let me take my son’s place who was home sick.  That was really nice.  I had so much FUN!!  My skiing memory came right back– it must be like riding a bike, plus the newer ski technology they said is a lot easier than what I learned on.  It was really fun to do stuff with just the older kids too.  I really really enjoyed it.  That is the highlight of the week for sure!!  It was beautiful up there too, these pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice.



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