Hanging Out in the Ski Lodge

It has been super cold around here, like now I think that 30 degrees is warm and won’t it be nice to go sledding then.  Well my older kids have been learning how to ski in an awesome homeschool program that is really a great price and makes worth driving an hour and a half each way worth it.  I am glad that we can afford it even so, and that we can do it.  The kids have loved it.  And my 3 little guys, the twins and the toddler have just been so happy to spend time with me.

skiday1 skiday2

We color in the lodge and we ate lunch with the big kids, we help the big kids get their skis and watch them put everything on.  Then we watch them ski in their lesson and wave to them a lot.  The staff at the resort are awesome.  All the new homeschoolers we have met have been super nice.  The instructors tell me how well my kids listen.  And one of the workers told me on the way out that they are really glad we were there and they are glad to have us.  That was really nice. There are a couple grumpy people.  But the feeling there is one of acceptance overall.  They have chairs for the moms, they have a big lodge that’s comfortable and then they have a smaller one that overlooks the bunny hill.  They are fine with us walking all over and the twins making snow angels and climbing on snow banks.  It was lovely yesterday, lovely.

skiday3 skiday4

Somehow the following post was posted as a page :

The vacation break was totally awesome!!  It felt like Saturday everyday, I got some projects done and some cleaning done and I got to take my time.  The kids relaxed and watched a lot of TV and played a lot of video games and board games.  We didn’t go anywhere or have to be anywhere really.  It was so fun!!  Until Saturday and then my girls had a birthday party and one of them had an all day Robotics club event, and then we started 9 am church for the year which means bathing and finding clothes on Sat. night, so it felt less like Sat. and more like a workday, but we made it!!  And it was great.  Then yesterday we went skiing which was awesome– I blogged about it here on my learning blog. And it was beautiful– the drive home was amazing at sunset, I wish I could have pulled off the road to take more pictures of the clouds and the sky!!  I did stop on the way out of the resort on a dirt road going uphill and then I almost didn’t get going again, in my monster 15 passenger van!!  But we made it, it worked out, I am really glad we got new snow tires for this year!! Here’s the pic, I almost got stranded for:


It was so beautiful,  we finally got some snow and then it rained and froze which makes everything look like it was covered in glass, plus we were on a beautiful drive up and back to/from the ski resort.

ski7And this is the quarry in my backyard after the snow, I have been waiting for some good snow pictures, finally got a couple!



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