More Snow

It has been so incredibly cold!!!  Yesterday I went to take my daughter to the eye doctor because her glasses are basically destroyed, just barely hanging on with a bit of duck tape, and our awesome new to us, purchased for snow traveling abilities car wouldn’t start!!  The gas was pretty low so we tried putting in more gas from the can for the snow blower– no luck.  So I called the eye doctor to let them know we’d be late and took off in the big van which I have been enjoying not driving around all over the place.  That all went well, but then this morning when I went to pick up my daughter from her early morning seminary class, it was snowing profusely! The stuff my husband thought might help de-freeze the gas line was sold out at Wal-mart, so I had to take the van.  Today was the day school should have been cancelled!!  Anyway, with our new snow tires, the van did great, surprisingly well.  I went a different way than usual to avoid the dirt road with a few hills.  On the way home though, I forgot about going the other way and had to turn around, and then after that I forgot to first drop off my daughter’s friend.  I ended up turning around in the falling snow on the snow filled roads 3 times in my monster van!  But we made it and we didn’t get stuck anywhere until we got to our driveway, just 5 more feet and it would have made it.


Just a couple more feet and the van would have made it to the top!

So luckily I have an awesome husband who did some snow-blowing and some salting and managed to finally get the van all the way up the driveway– although the snow plow came at a very inopportune time when the van was at the bottom of the driveway– but anyway, he got it worked out, got our trash taken to the dump and was then able to get a bunch of things to try to get our other car working.  And it works now– we think it was a combo of more gas, the defreezing stuff and the weather warming up to 28 degrees.  I’m just glad it works!!  I’m glad all our cars work, and I have such a good husband to keep it going. Tomorrow he’s going to work on the dryer– yeah, it has been broken for over a week, but it’s manageable, not like a broken washer.  I bought a drying rack– it’s all good!


The kids enjoying the snow storm. There are definite advantages to living on top of a hill.


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