Happy New Year

We had a great time this New Year’s, we had a couple families come over, we had lots of food and punch in a glass punch bowl which our little friends were very impressed with.  I think they liked drinking out of little glass cups instead of paper or plastic. We also played a very fun game called The Resistance which we got for Christmas. I highly recommend it– even though it seems you may be teaching your kids to lie– they are also learning to detect liars!  We had the countdown early because some of our little friends were very tired. And we enjoyed sparkling cider and lots of talking. Between my 8 and our friends 5 soon to be 6 and our other friend’s 3 soon to be 4, it was quite lively with 16 kids running around!  It was really really nice to have friends over like that. They are all really great people. I think everyone was comfortable and had a nice time and that is important to me and definitely a success!  We even got the house mostly cleaned up, which of course is all undone now– but still!!  I’m really glad to have good friends!



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