Girls Night Out

I wanted to do something fun with just my girls, my oldest wanted to go back to the Prudential Center in Boston to shop and use her Christmas money.  I’ve never been there, and I love Boston, so we convinced her sister to come too.  I don’t really like malls, especially expensive ones, but we had a good time.  Once we got outside and I was able to take pictures I was happy.  We had to find Newbury St. too while we were there, so my daughter could go to Forever 21, that took us awhile. My husband had given me his old iphone, I usually use my ipad mini for directions and such.  It doesn’t use up near the amount of power on the maps app that my new iphone does.  I used up 80% of the power getting to the Prudential Center, so we were trying to conserve power and it took a long time to figure out where we were.  But we did find it, and my daughter got some of the things she really wanted.

prudentialcenter prudential2

But then of course it was dark because it was around 5 pm, so we went back to the mall and ate at California Pizza Kitchen which was really good and pricey, but we got a parking validation.  Then we stopped at Barnes and Noble and saw some of my daughter’s friends- which was a little strange that she didn’t know about the get together. Anyway, then we left to go home and maybe stop by the craft store and get some food for today’s festivities.  But the iphone only had 15 % by now, so we left it on to get out of Boston, I thought I would see signs for the 3 and going towards Nashua, but I didn’t, also I realized that we were completely out of gas.  I didn’t even look at the gas until then, and we were way below empty.  So we were lucky to find a gas station and realized we were way off from where we should be.  We got back on track, then things started looking weird again and we were on our way to Portsmouth, so I knew for sure that was wrong.  So I stopped at a gas station to buy a map.

The guy told me that they don’t have any because nobody buys them anymore.  I told him my iphone died and he told me he could charge it, when I showed him it was whatever version it is, he told me I could buy a charger cord for $5 because it is so old nobody buys those anymore either.  Fortunately I had earlier put the usb charger in the car, so made it home with no problems after that.  It took us about an hour and 10 min. to get to the Prudential Center, it took us 2 1/2 hours to get home.  But we had a lot of good conversation and it was really fun to be together, and we laughed a lot, because that was quite an adventure.  And hopefully we’ll all learn about checking for gas before you go, and keeping your map device charged up.  It made us think of other times we have been stranded, needless to say my husband usually takes over navigating and such when we travel.  But we made it, we did it and it was a lot of fun!


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