happy coincidence

Yesterday I went out to do my weekly grocery shopping which happened to be on the eve of Christmas Eve and I went during rush hour, so what normally is a 25-30 min. drive ended up being a one hour and 15 min. drive, ugh- no one likes sitting in traffic. But once I got to my stores, it was fine and I found everything I wanted and more.  My husband left about the same time I had to help someone move, I was surprised I hadn’t heard from him because I was much longer than I had expected to be.  Well I stopped at my last store to pick up a couple items, walked past a car that looked a lot like ours and who should be at the door walking in?  Him!!  That was nice surprise, I just like being with him, which is a very good thing given that we have been married a rather long time now.  It was a happy coincidence and ended a frustrating grocery errand trip on a very happy and pleasant note. He really is a pleasant person and very nice to be around, and he makes me laugh a lot.

Merry Christmas to you world!!  I wish you peace, joy and happiness!



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