Christmas Shopping — done, check

My husband and I went out together today and finished up the shopping for our kids.  It was really, really nice.  Usually I end up going late at night by myself to pick things out for everybody usually a couple days before Christmas.  We may pick out a family gift together and order it online, but the fun individual stuff I have done mostly by myself.  For years, it was a matter of practicality– we couldn’t take the kids with us– they were too young to stay home alone, then with baby and toddler twins, it was a matter of just plain not having any other time to go– we were so busy changing diapers, cleaning up messes and making and dishing up food for them. Plus we seemed to have a lot of celebrations to attend and I love putting little gifts together for people, so Christmas has been rather rushed especially the last couple years.  So this year it is quite remarkable that I am done 5 days before the big day, I even feel like wrapping presents!  and I got a bunch of Christmas cards out.  It is awesome.  Another nice thing is that we got to drive our small car instead of the monster van shopping, so we didn’t have to park far away or beep when we backed up.  We parked close, we were in and out.  We found things the kids will enjoy, and we are pretty much done.  I will buy extra food on my weekly grocery trip, and I have plenty of things to clean and organize at home, but I may actually get to it and that is a good feeling!!  This is how civilized people live, it’s coming back to me and I appreciate it very much!!


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