Christmas Decorating

We have been trying to decorate for Christmas,  it can be a bit overwhelming when you are good to get the basics done, but we try.  I have put lighted candles in all the front windows–about half of them are MIA at this point (toddlers and little kids love playing with them and leaving them all over the house).  We found 2 boxes of Christmas stuff, but all our stockings, the tree skirt, and our favorite advent calendar that my mom made are no where to be found.  The tree only has ornaments on the bottom, the big kids apparently didn’t care about decorating the tree.  And the light strand is coming off the tree to plug in a weird way.  I bought new stockings, I wrapped some Christmas fabric around the tree stand, I bought some more ornaments and I put some ribbon around the tree as a garland.  It is looking better.  The little ones are super excited.  They love wrapping presents and they like looking at them and holding their presents.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it is fun to see those excited little faces.  yay!!


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