My kids have been loving the snow!!  When we got home from visiting my brother, the whole town was transformed and beautiful.  I was too cold and busy trying to get situated after our trip to get any pictures, but I did get a couple the following day.  It snowed again on Thursday, so there was enough to keep  sledding in our front yard– I always wanted a sledding hill in our yard– so awesome!!  The little 4 yr. old twins are especially cute on their sleds, and they can almost get themselves completely dressed and find all their snow gear which is a HUGE relief.  It is so hard to gather all the snow gear for a toddler and then dress them on top of it, so the kids getting themselves ready is really really awesome.  The twins usually just need help with their gloves– that’s it!!


There are the kids tubing, and yes, one of my little boys running barefoot in the new snow– he didn’t last long! Below is a giant snowball for a snowman!


And here are some giant turkeys that know they’re safe in my yard:



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