About half of our town went without electricity from Wed. evening til Sat. at various times of the day.  We came home from our Thanksgiving holiday a day early because it looked like it could be out until Mon., and we did not want frozen water pipes!  So after driving 15 hrs. straight home, my husband snowblowed the driveway for an hour so we could get the van up, then we all went into the house– it was 44 F.  It felt really, really cold, we all huddled on the couch and got all the blankets in the house and snuggled.  We all slept pretty warmly and snugly. When we woke up, it was 41 F. No frozen pipes, yet!!  So we were getting ready to set up the new generator we bought in PA on our way home, and the power came on about 8:25 am.  That was nice!!  We all cheered and then I had to take another nap because it was still too cold to clean, but it did finally warm up, we got a lot of stuff cleaned up from the trip and went and bought some kids some new warm coats, boots were sold out at wall-mart– we just need 2 pairs of those and we will be set for this winter.  It is here!!  And I’m glad we have power and nice warm showers and water and heat.


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