My second child and daughter turned 14 this month and had her birthday party on Friday night.  I was a little stressed about it, but it turned out great!!  Teen age girls are actually really fun and easy to hold parties for.  We had a clean house, I made cowboy caviar and guacamole and popcorn and put the cake in the oven when they got here around 5:45pm.  We had a table laid out with canvases and paint and paper and pencils, and the girls just had a great time doing art and listening to music and talking for about 2 hrs.  I just did all the food while they were here and I got to listen to their conversations and observe them interact.  It was a pleasure.  We put a TV up in the boys room and they had their own little party, they also had 2 laptops to play minecraft with each other and I took up plates of food and popcorn and water for them.  We had the cake and sang Happy Birthday downstairs and then some of the girls played games and others went back to the art table.  They finished the evening waiting for parents to come by watching Studio C on YouTube.  We had about 15 girls total.  I am so glad my daughters have such nice friends. I was very pleased the party turned out so well and was so easy!!  Happy Birthday #2!!


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