my town

I live in the coolest town.  Downtown is the village as they like to call it, Town Hall and the elementary school are in old red brick picturesque buildings.  There are a couple nice New England churches in the village also and all the houses are just cute.  it really is right out of a painting.  The village is only about a mile from my house, so that’s where I go running.  I also had business at town hall and the school building yesterday, it was just so awesome to do business in these old historic cool buildings that I enjoy running past each day.  The people out here are fantastic too.  They are busy with their own lives and have no need to impress anybody.  It is very refreshing.  They are content with their lives and they seem to treat each other with respect and good manners.  They seem sincere in their compliments.  I just like it here.  Go New England, go New Hampshire!!


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