boogie boarding

We went to the ocean again today.  It was cold, but it still felt so good and it was so much fun.  The other times we’ve gone, I’ve just put my feet in and maybe sat down and gotten wet up to my waist, but today I went all the way under and I rode the waves on a boogie board.  It was  a lot of fun despite the cold.  The only damper was the 2 yr. old who cried the whole time I was away from him, because my job is to fill his every need at all times.  He is super sweet and cute, he survived, and we all had fun.  This summer has been awesome, I will miss it, it has been heavenly, going to the beach was a nice way to end the summer.  I got some nice photos, I’m getting acclimated to the East coast, with the sun setting away from the ocean instead of towards it.  The sunsets are still gorgeous!  I’m glad I got some nice shots!!



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