I’m pretty sure cribs are the greatest invention ever made and probably one of the first inventions ever made!!  My 2 yr. old is so busy and makes so many messes and can be so extremely loud, when he’s really unhappy, I know it’s probably because he’s tired.  He went through 4 outfits before lunch today and almost killed a frog.  He is no longer allowed to touch the frogs, and although he cried a lot that he was not tired and did not want to take a nap, that is exactly where he is right now sound asleep.  I think naps are God’s gift to mothers of toddlers.  Sweet dreams and happy 2 yr. olds.  They are so cute when they’re asleep.  Of course they are cute all the time, and that’s a gift too and I’m sure it’s on purpose, because even with pee and poo all over me and loud yelling in my ear, I still would give my life for the little terror. Sweet Dreams!!


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