crossing the road

One thing I have finally realized here in New Hampshire is that cars stop for pedestrians whether there is a crosswalk or not, whether it is more efficient or not.  There are hardly any sidewalks and pretty much all the roads around here are just two lane country roads.  I started running regularly a couple months ago, and I was rather confused when I would stop at random roads to wait for cars to go by (there really aren’t that many cars), and the cars would stop for me and wave me on.  Today when I went to a farm stand to buy produce and needed to cross the semi-busy road with my 4 yr old twins and my 2 yr. old, we stood out there and I was watching the cars to see when we would be able to cross, but when the cars got close enough to us, they stopped and waved us on.  I was surprised, but it was rather nice.  The same thing happened crossing back over the same road.  Wow, that was nice.  I’m not going to be so surprised and shocked anymore, I’ll just smile, wave and cross the road. 


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