girls’ camp


I got to spend a lot of time up at Girls’ Camp with my 2 daughters this week.  It was fantastic.  It is a church camp and I loved it when I was growing up.  My girls however have not had such great experiences as I have, but this week made up for it!!  They had boating, swimming, archery, crafts ( make whatever you want with a ton of ideas and supplies), and a few other classes.  There were also hikes and camp certifications, learning about safety, etc.  They also made up skits and songs and had a flag ceremony each day and a devotional.  The girls all seemed to get along great too, and they had a blast.  It was fantastic.  I made some new friends too and I got to help in the kitchen the first day,  the facilities were great and the people were really fun, it was just nice.  Many and special thanks to my husband for caring for the 6 little boys so I could go.  It has been a good week!!


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