Sometimes, I think sleep is delicious.  Sometimes it just feels so good to fall asleep, especially when I’ve been extra busy and thus extra tired.  We round up all the kids and get them to sleep, and then i’ll read for a little bit and then just fall to sleep.  It is so very very nice.  I have always had an easy time falling asleep and staying asleep,  I think that is a huge advantage for me.  I finally experienced sleep deprivation though when I had my twins, I finally understood what other parents were telling me about with a new baby which I never understood, because I would just nurse mine lying down and we would both fall deliciously asleep.  But with the twins I could not lie down and nurse them both at the same time, nor could I nurse them separately or I would have no time to even change their diapers let alone go to the bathroom or make meals for the other kids.  I learned what sleep deprivation was then, and I was pretty much sleep deprived for about 4 years– true story.  After that time, I realized that some of my anxiety and inability to lose weight was due to that prolonged sleep deprivation.  I made uninterrupted sleep my priority– I bought warm pajamas for the little people, made sure their diapers were fresh and that they were warm, I made sure the animals were outside and taken care of, and then I put myself to bed.  It is amazing how much better I started feeling right away.  I need to make that more of a priority again, it is so tempting to read more and surf the net when the house is quiet (which only seems to happen at night, when the littles are asleep), but I do so much better when I have some good hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Good night!!

Sleepy kids asleep in odd places

Sleepy kids asleep in odd places



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