cleaning and organizing

After having some weird illness earlier in the week, (we all kinda had something… ( I won’t elaborate)  it wasn’t too bad, it just mostly made us cranky and tired — I know I am feeling better because I actually got a bunch of cleaning and organizing done.  I am not a naturally organized, tidy kind of a person.  Just thinking about cleaning and organizing usually makes me tired and overwhelmed.  But today, I had had it with our school room.  I had decided a couple weeks ago that we needed to move the smaller table with the sewing machine down to the basement and move the computer to the bigger table, just so the room wasn’t so cramped.  I did it!!  It didn’t even take too long and it looks so much better– definitely not magazine pretty, but pretty good for me. Maybe when I finally get a picture hung, I’ll deem it worthy of taking a photo and posting it here– maybe.  I even got some paint and ink spills cleaned up off the floor, I am soooooo glad they came out.  And I got all the toys organized– not the games yet– and I filled 2 trash bags of trash.  Now that feels good!!  Maybe I like cleaning– maybe– at least today I did!


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