yoga and meditation


I love yoga and meditation.  Yoga got me through my pregnancies and it got through my stress when I realized my health symptoms were actually symptoms of anxiety.  Today I did yoga after a Jillian Michaels DVD, it felt so good to stretch and move,  I have started running more and thus have done less yoga (as in none for 2 weeks).  Today was especially entertaining though because I told my boys I would let them have 20 min. of computer time if they did it with me, so it wasn’t all that relaxing, but it still felt good.  The 2 yr. old was especially funny  jumping on me when I was doing up dog and then falling off me when I did down dog.  We were all laughing.  Meditation is getting easier for me, although I only did it once this week, it is getting easier.  It’s amazing how hard it can be to sit still and not think about anything for 10 minutes straight at first.  It’s fun to acknowledge progress.  (I included a pic of the beach because we went back the next day– love it– it is meditation ready made)


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