the ocean

beach2I grew up loving the ocean, whenever my family went on vacation, we pretty much went to the beach.  We moved a lot, and sometimes we lived really close to the beach.  I hardly knew what a lake was until I was a grown-up, but the ocean, I knew.  We now live about an hour from the coast, and one of the first day trips we took was to the beach in February.  It was weird to see snow on the beach and on all the beach houses, but it was beautiful and I loved being there.  With all our traveling, exploring new places and the kids’ activities we just hadn’t made it back, until last night and it was lovely.  We almost didn’t go, because it was drizzling off and on and the forecast didn’t look good.  The kids were pretty disappointed, everyone was cranky including me, and the sun was shining through the clouds, so my husband said “let’s just go.”  I didn’t want to at that point, but when he said, no one will be there, I said “OK”  I’m so glad we did.  There was a beautiful rainbow a lot of the way there, we could see the whole thing from the beach.  The older kids got right in the cold water and rode the waves on boogie boards and had a great time.  The younger kids played in the waves.  The baby was a bit scared, but was soon laughing and getting wet too.  Then the sun set and the sky was full of clouds and color.  Everyone felt better.  Nature is a beautiful wonder, a good thing indeed.




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