2 yr. olds


I love 2 yr. olds!!  They are so incredibly cute and snuggly.  True they can be little stinkers with all their opinions and their saying “no”, but they are still so cute when they say it.  Today when it was time for a nap, I picked up my cute little 2 yr. old, he laid his head on my shoulder and was fine til he realized I was putting him in his crib ( which is the greatest invention BTW).  Then he started to cry and said “no, no, no..”  I gave him a hug and laid him down, he was really mad about it and it took a full 3-4 seconds of breathing in before he let out a unhappy cry of defeat.  He was asleep about 3 min. later.  He loves to have me read to him, he points at the pictures and we talk about what they are and he smiles when I acknowledge that he knew something. And his smiles and his cute little words and repeating everything and toddling around and trying to do what the big kids do.  So so cute,  I remember all my kids at this age and they were all so incredibly cute.  2– it’s a very good thing!!


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