big van is clean!!

This is a huge accomplishment for me!!  We got back Saturday night, rested on the Sabbath and cleaned and did the grocery shopping today, and we actually got the whole van cleaned out.  It’s not completely clean, because it could really use a shampoo, but that will have to happen another day, but everything that was in there from our week long camping trip is put away and the van is vacuumed.  It helps a lot that the 2 yr. old slept all afternoon, but it also shows that we have moved to a new stage in our life, where we are not constantly in reaction mode to the twins or a baby.  And the older kids did a lot of the work.  I like this new stage, a clean van is pretty nice, I don’t think it has been this clean since we bought it shortly after the twins were born 4 1/2 yrs. ago.  And I even made dinner on time,  so I had to acknowledge all that and share.  This is good!


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