summer road trip

We just drove in last night from an awesome awesome road trip through Canada.  Yes, we includes me, my husband and our 8 children ranging in age from 15 – 2.  We camped 6 days in a row, stayed in a motel the last night because the campgrounds were all full, and drove straight home 7 hrs from Quebec City.  I am super proud of us,  that was a huge undertaking and we managed quite well.  The kids were very well behaved for the most part, although they were extremely loud at times and bickered and complained at others.  They enjoyed camping, they enjoyed the walking around the cities.  The hardest part was the 2 yr. old in the car, but he was fine as long as he had the iPad to play on.  It was much easier than past road trips when we have had a nursing baby, or the last one when we moved from Utah to New Hampshire — 40 hrs.with a fully packed van.  My husband was fantastic, doing the bulk of the work setting up and taking down camp each day and unpacking and packing it all up again.  The secret to camping is to take a shower every single day, then it doesn’t feel so much like camping, plus during the day we went and toured interesting places, it was just fun.  I think everybody had a good time, but we are all glad to be home!!


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